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May Wes Manufacturing introduces the Quick Disconnect
Stalk Stomper, designed for easier transport and storage of your header when
using the May Wes brand of Stalk Stompers.  Using the Quick
Disconnect Receiver Bar, the stalk stomper shoe assembly is virtually self-guiding
and locks securely into place.  It is
easy to handle and lifts into the receiver bar by one person using the support
bar on the stalk stomper shoe. The key engagement point is in full view while
attaching the stalk stompers – no struggling to try and insert the assembly
blindly into place. Once the stalk stomper is engaged into the receiver bar the
stalk stomper assembly is in a stable, self balancing position leaving your
hands free to insert the locking pin. 
In return, this provides a simple and easy one handed release of stalk
stomper from receiver bar. Slide the stalk stomper shoe assembly out to
disengage and store for easy transport or storage. It is so quick and easy, it
only takes one person to do the job.

Built rugged and dependable, the flat surface to surface mount of the brackets on to the tool bar
provides structural integrity and strength to the stalk stomper assembly.  The assembly can withstand the down pressure
and speed of harvesting your crop.  

In addition, the brackets are secured into place
with a U bolt tool
bar mount kit that utilizes standard 2” x 2” iron tubing. This design allows adjustability
to properly position the stalk stomper shoe assembly directly over the row to
protect your tires and tracks.

Mount the toolbar to the combine head using the
adjustable Vertical Bracket which allows you to move the toolbar up or down to
set the operating height for each specific combine configuration. Simply lock
into place using the single pin locking system. 
The design also allows for easy removal of the entire toolbar for

The new Quick Disconnect Stalk Stomper Shoe assembly
has all the great features of the May Wes Standard Mount Stalk Stomper
(standard Stalk Stomper shown to left).  The
thick, rugged heavy duty metal shoe is lined with ¼” UHMW poly for a smooth,
slick surface that reduces mud build up and glides over the soil surface with
ease. The UHMW liner is a standard feature that improves the performance and
life of the stompers.  The shoe assembly
is built with an adjustable spring and chain enabling you to adjust your down
pressure according to your soil and field conditions.  

The Stalk Stomper can be used on all rows (where
applicable) to flatten and fan-out the stalk allowing air and moisture to
accelerate decomposition – or it can be used on just the rows in front of your
tires or tracks on your combine.

Two to 12 row kits are available for Quick
Disconnect and Standard Mount options. The Quick Disconnect is available for
all tool-bar mount stalk stompers – John Deere 600 Series, Geringhoff/NorthStar,
DragoTec, Lexion/Challenger, Harvestec, and Fantini.  Row-unit-mount configurations are available for
Case-IH 2200, 2400, 2600, 3200, 3400; New Holland 996, 96C, 96D, 98C, 98D, 99C.  Kits for additional brands and head models
are being continuously developed.  Call
for details.

 Available online at or for more information call

May Wes Mfg is located in Hutchinson, MN 55350

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