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AGCO Reveals New Fendt IDEAL Combine

AGCO recently unveiled the new Fendt IDEAL combine to producers, dealers, and media for the first time in North America at the 2018 Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan.

A company statement calls it the first “clean-sheet” design of an axial combine in the industry in 30 years. “Fendt has been known for ground-breaking technological developments since the 1930s. The Fendt IDEAL combine is the most recent example of this tradition because it is a game-changer in the combine industry. No one has the features and the productivity that this combine has,” says Robert Crain, senior vice president and general manager, Americas.

AGCO delivered based on feedback from farmers. “With a global design team working together, AGCO created the Fendt IDEAL combine based on what producers around the world told us they needed most – in-field efficiency, unrelenting uptime, radically simple operation, and better grain quality – to harvest their crops,” explains Caleb Schleder, tactical marketing manager for combines.

Schleder says the new combine has been tested for seven years in extreme conditions with a variety of crops grown around the world.

Update: The Fendt IDEAL combine is on display at Farm Progress Show from August 28 to 30, 2018. Watch the video below to learn more:

Sizes and Compatibility

Class 7, 8, and 9 machines will be available to serve the harvesting needs of a variety of operations. The 9255 DynaFlex draper head and the Command Series corn head will be compatible with the IDEAL combine.

Easy to Operate

The IDEALharvest system offers real-time visualization of crop flow inside the combine. Specialized sensors determine what is grain and what is not and prompts the system to change settings to fulfill the preset harvest strategy.

“The Fendt IDEAL combine automatically makes on-the-go adjustments to maintain established harvesting parameters, which reduces the effort of the operator as conditions change throughout the day,” Schleder explains.

A touch-screen tablet in the cab lets the operator choose settings to minimize grain damage, loss, and material other than grain. The technology system also adjusts for rapid changes like crop density or field slope so the combine keeps performing well without sacrificing grain quality. Farmers who face challenges with crop maturity, crop quality, plant health, stand variability, and harsh weather may find this feature especially beneficial.

New Rotor Design

The new rotor of the IDEAL combine has been designed to be gentler on the crop and straw. The dual-helix processor has a nearly 2-foot advantage over the competition at just short of 16 feet long and measuring 24 inches in diameter. This extra length allows the materials to generate centrifugal force at a lower speed, which keeps them in the rotor longer.

Because of their helix arrangement, the separation tines are able to deliver outstanding threshing results and grain separation without losing straw quality, a press statement explains.

Since the dual helix design allows the combine to run at a slower speed, it takes less power to operate.

The class 7 combine model has just one rotor while the class 8 and 9 models are equipped with two dual-helix rotors that give it 43.7 square feet of threshing area.

Curved Return Pans

In addition to the new rotor design, the return pans were updated. The Ideal combine has two curved return pans that use the full length of the threshing and separation chamber. This helps distribute the crop evenly to the cleaning shoe and mitigate slope sensitivity. The simple new pans improve the efficiency of the cleaning system without adding complex active systems.

Faster Unloading

With a capacity of 485 bushels, the Ideal combine has the largest grain tank in the industry.

Coupled with the industry’s fastest unloading auger, the Ideal Streamer 6.0, this machine is equipped to spend less time unloading and more time working in the field. The Ideal Streamer 6.0 unloads grain at a rate of 6.0 bushels per second and comes standard on class 9 machines.

The faster auger is also available for class 7 and 8 combines, but the Streamer 4.0 is standard equipment. The Streamer 4.0 unloads at a rate of 4 bushels per second. Both augers take less power than previous systems and are gentle on grain.

Efficient Use of Power

A single gearbox drives power to the processor, cleaning system, hydraulic pumps, and header. This straight-forward design provides the most efficient distribution of power. One gearbox along with fewer belts than competing models means less moving parts that could break down.

A company statement explains, “Wet clutches ensure smooth engagement of the power, reducing wear and tear and maintenance on each component, and creating less strain on belts.”

Learn More

The IDEAL combine is not yet available for sale. Pricing information is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2018. Field testing will begin in North America this fall.

“Field testing for Fendt IDEAL combines has been integral in the launch of this machine, and as we look toward the future with more advancements in the harvesting space, we will continue field testing in all regions globally to ensure the best product for our customers in their conditions,” says Schleder.

To be eligible for product demonstrations, apply to be an IDEAL Elite customer at

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