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Claas Lexion combine gets performance updates, larger grain tank for 2023

Claas has announced new updates to its Lexion 8000 series combine, sporting performance enhancements, larger grain tank, dynamic steering feature, and more. 

“The Lexion has built a reputation for delivering a mix of efficiency, precision, and convenience,” says Greg Frenzel, combine product manager for Claas. “These new updates give growers even more tools to achieve the best results while harvesting and make the most out of each hour in the field.”

Boosted Horsepower

The line of Lexion 8000 combines has received a performance boost of its 2022 models. The Lexion 8600 now has a rated horsepower of 483 hp. with a max horsepower of 542 hp. The Lexion 8700 is rated at 543 hp. with a max of 577 hp. The Lexion 8800 is rated at 610 hp. with a max of 653 hp.

Grain Tank

The updates to the Lexion 8000 series includes a new grain tank, with a maximum capacity of 510 bushels. This tank is larger than any of Claas’ other models, while reducing complexity and hydraulic demand with a one-piece folding design.

A built-in walk-through door has been added to assist with cleaning and maintenance of the tank. 

Updated cab

The interior of the Claas Lexion 8000 series cab.
Photo credit: Claas

The Lexion 8000 series now uses the updated cab first offered on the Trion 740 combine. This cab has higher visibility, and extra headroom and legroom for the operator when compared to previous models. 

Inside the cab, there's a fully-adjustable, pivoting operator seat, and wider trainer seat. It also sports a new steering wheel, foot pegs, dual-zone HVAC, sound system, integrated storage and thinner A-pillars. 

The cab’s exterior now has a brighter lighting package, maintenance steps for cleaning access, and improved mirrors.

New Features

The new combines now have a dynamic steering feature that requires less input from the operator to make turns at the end of each row. Once it’s enabled, the steering wheel requires just over one full rotation to make the tightest possible turn, rather than five full rotations without. 

A slow-feed feature has also been included, allowing operators to slowly engage the feederouse from the cab to protect drivelines and belts from high-stress loads. The combines also feature a new pivoting spout to help control distribution in the auger cart, controlled by a finger trigger inside the cab.

The combines in this series can now be equipped with a wider head. The Convio line has expanded to include a 50-foot version of the 1530 flex draper, intended for use on small grains and soybeans.

For more information about the Lexion 8000 series combine, visit

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