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Claas Offers New Products, Features, and Options

New products and new technology were the focus at Claas of America at the 2017 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. The company’s Lexion combines, for example, are already known for the Cemos Automatic system, which automatically senses changing harvest conditions and adjusts the machine’s cleaning and separation systems to maximize throughput and grain quality.

For 2018, that technology becomes even more accessible, due to a new 12-inch Cebis Mobile color monitor. New slider controls on the monitor, along with a graphical interface, make the setup of Cemos Automatic – along with Cruise Pilot and other precision technologies – easier than ever.

“Another key update to the 2018 Lexion combine line is the addition of a grain quality camera,” says John Schofield, marketing coordinator for Claas of America, Inc. “The new camera monitors the quality of grain in the clean grain elevator and displays those images on the Cebis Mobile monitor. Farmers can actively see the quality of grain as it is transported to the grain tank and can modify combine settings as they see fit.”

Jaguar 900 Series Forage Harvester

Topping the list of upgrades to the Jaguar 900 Series forage harvester line are an improved optional cutting drum designed for longer chop lengths; new comfort and performance options; enhanced telematics; and a completely redesigned pickup header. Additionally, many of the updates made to the Jaguar 970 and 980 models last year can now be found on the remainder of the 900 Series.

“The business end of the new Jaguar 900 Series forage harvesters is now available with an optional V-Max extended cutting drum that makes it easier and smoother to run half knifes for chop lengths of up to 30 millimeters in corn,” Schofield says. “Studies have shown that silage processed with our Shredlage processor at these longer chop lengths contribute to better digestion and more efficient feed conversion.”

Other new options for the Jaguar line include dual hydraulic feedroll compression, which uses two rear cylinders for more consistent pressure; a Cab Comfort package for better visibility and quieter operation; a new load counter to control the fill weights of up to three different trailer sizes; and a new Fleet View application for iOS devices to track the movement of Jaguar forage harvesters, tractors, and trucks to simplify the logistics end of forage harvesting.

Class Hay, Forage Line

The Claas hay and forage equipment line, meanwhile, saw the addition of several new machines. One is the Disco 3600RC Contour mower/roller conditioner, which was designed by taking the company’s largest front mower/roller conditioner model and adding a three-point hitch to provide a working width of 11'2" at the rear of the tractor.

Claas also introduced three new rake models, replacing two existing models. The Liner 1700 Twin (22-foot working width) replaces the Liner 1650 Twin, while the Liner 1800 Twin is a new size with a wider working width of 24'5" and double or single windrows. The Liner 1900 replaces the Liner 1750 and offers a working width of 26'5".

Finally, Claas is replacing the Rollant 260 with a new feed rake version of the Rollant 620 fixed-chamber 4×5 round baler. Like the Rollant 620FR released last year, it features a modern new design and larger rollers. It just doesn’t have a feed rotor option to force crop into the baler.

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