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Claas Unveils Bigger, Faster, Stronger Lexion Combine

Claas has introduced the next generation of Lexion Combine with the new 8000-7000 series. The company claims these bigger, faster, and more reliable harvesters meet the needs of farmers and custom harvesters alike.

“At Claas, we know that time is money, and achieving the highest possible productivity is paramount,” says product manager Blake McOllough. “The newest Lexion combine was designed with those requirements in mind, delivering highly advanced engineering that streamlines the harvest and makes more money for our customers’ farm businesses.”

Bigger Harvester

All the way around, this new Lexion combine is bigger.

The former APS Hybrid System has been upgraded to the APS Synflow Hybrid System. This is the highest-capacity combine processor in the ag industry. Claas says this improvement allows the machine to have 10% more capacity than previous series from the company.

Jeff Gray, product manager, toutes the grain tank as the world’s largest, capable of holding 510 bushels in the largest model. Tanks with 385 bushels of capacity are standard on the smaller machines.

“So, what’s 510 bushels going to do for you?” Gray asks an auditorium full of cheering dealers at a recent product launch event. “It will allow your customers to travel through a 250-bushel-per-acre cornfield with a 1230 corn head a half mile before unloading. It’s going to let them spin around that headland with a tighter turning radius and head right back down the other direction, unloading on-the-go, taking that combine all the way to the other end, finishing 30% faster than our nearest competitor.”

These features are powered by a bigger engine. New tier 4 emissions-compliant Mercedes Benz engines range from 375 hp. to an industry leading 610 hp. 

All machines are equipped with the company’s dynamic power management system. This innovative technology optimizes power according to engine load to minimize fuel consumption. 

Power boost is a new feature of the dynamic power management system and is designed to let farmers unload on-the-go without compromising productivity.

Faster Combine

A number of features make the new Lexion faster than previous models.

Getting to and from fields is quicker. “Operators can cover significantly more ground with a 25 mph transport speed, which all models – wheeled and Terra Trac – are now capable of,” McOllough says.

Once a farmer gets to the next field, switching crops is faster, too. Adjustments from inside the cab reduce the preparation time for harvest by 50%, the company claims.

The new Lexion machine Classes 7 through 10 are designed to unload at 5.1 bushels per second.

Stronger Machine

Three key features make the new Lexion combines stronger than before.

1. Dynamic cooling technology helps keep the combine performing at its peak while cleaning the machine. This minimizes the amount of time farmers have to spend blowing out the combine at the end of the day. The service interval of the air filter can be extended by as much as two weeks due to this improvement.

2. Less daily service means farmers running a Lexion combine can get up to a 15-minute head start to the day, the company claims.

3. Cemous Automatic technology, first introduced by Claas in 2013, helps the operator achieve 10% more capacity, 32% less foreign matter in the grain, and an increase of 58% in grain retention. Continuous and automatic adjustments to optimize the machine’s performance make this possible.

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