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Deere Announces Three Updates to S-Series Combines for 2019

The 2019 John Deere S-Series combines have three major updates to previous models. The company announced the newest harvesters will have a new suspension track system, flex draper head, and harvest-specific enhancements to the MyOperations app. These three features are expected to improve grain harvesting experiences for farmers, Deere says.


Suspension tracks in 30- or 36-inch belt widths are now available as factory-installed options on the 2019 S-Series Combines. If a customer chooses to order the combine on wheels dealers can help them switch to tracks at a later date.

All model year 2019 S780 and S790 combines will come with a tracks ready axle. The special axle will be an option for 2019 S770 combines, but is not available for 2019 S760s.

The updated system includes changes to the track belts, integrated final drive, suspension cylinder, and tandem bogie wheels and is designed to improve flotation, ride quality, transport speed, and durability.

Matt Badding, product marketing manager for John Deere Harvest Solutions says, “Combines with these tracks will be able to get into fields sooner and harvest longer, especially under less than ideal conditions, with less impact on the soil.”

Badding credits the larger contact area of the new tracks with the advantages.

Wider and taller tread bars are specifically angled to improve traction, balance, and ride comfort without sacrificing tread life.

The new track system allows combines to travel faster than previous track systems at almost 25 mph. Higher roading speed means less transport time and more time working in the field.


The newest addition to John Deere’s flex draper line is also available on the new 2019 S-Series Combines. The 700FD HydraFlex Draper has been symmetrically designed with a dual V-guide belt. It also features a thicker, corrugated front edge for improved crop flow. Deere says this gives the belt four times longer life.

The 700FD HydraFlex Draper also has a dual-position center feed drum for more harvesting versatility. This feature may be especially attractive for farmers growing canola and other bushy crops.

The 18-inch top crop auger is designed to provide smooth feeding with fewer slugs under tough conditions.

“To improve ground sensing on uneven terrain and to automatically adjust header position accordingly, we’ve added a fourth sensor to the Automatic Header Height Control option on our 35-, 40-, and 45-foot models,” Badding says. “The new 700FD HydraFlex Draper has been built to deliver improved crop handling versatility, longer wear life, and to feed and capture more grain.”

The draper may be ordered seperately from the combine, but is on the same production schedule. Orders for the new drapers cannot be placed until late summer 2018.


Finally, farmers who purchase a 2019 John Deere S-Series combine will notice new features, Remote View and Adjust, in their MyOperations mobile app.

“These new applications build on existing machine technologies, like Combine Advisor and Remote Display Access to allow owners or managers to remotely monitor combine performance and adjust concave clearance, rotor, fan speed, and chaffer, and sieve clearance settings as needed,” a company press statement explains.

This update may be especially attractive for farmers managing a fleet of harvesters, or less experienced operators. They are able to make sure the combine is set and functioning properly from a remote location.

“The latest mobile app for combines gives customers immediate visual access to machine information from a single combine or an entire fleet to improve overall harvesting operations. From their mobile device, customers can make changes to different settings as crop and harvesting conditions change throughout the day, then the operator simply accepts the changes on the in-cab display,” Badding explains.

The MyOperations app is already available for download on Apple or Android devices.


Orders for the 2019 S-Series combines can be placed beginning late summer 2018. Production will begin in November 2018.

For more information on these three updates or the S-Series combines, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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