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Super Chopper Sizes and Splits Cornstalks

Illinois farmer turned manufacturer Marion Calmer has been on a mission to create corn heads with the ability to not only work in narrow rows (he invented the first 12- and 15-inch heads on the market) but also to process residue in one pass (he introduced one of the first heads to feature chopping stalk rolls).

Today Calmer made news again by introducing the the world’s first 12-bladed chopping stalk roll at the National Farm Machinery Show. Dubbed the Super Chopper by Calmer, the roll’s razor-sharp blades size stalks into shorter pieces and also shear plants into two halves in wet, dry, and green stalk conditions alike, which “can push residue degradation rates,” Calmer points out.

Shearing plants in halves “helps expose the stalk’s inner pith for accelerated decomposition and quicker recycling of important nutrients,” Calmer adds.

The Super Chopper features a unique “open window” feeding chamber that allows for the most efficient engagement and feeding of stalks in both high-speed harvesting and down corn situations.

The Super Chopper is available for use on John Deere 600 and 700 series corn heads. For more information, go to

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