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Unverferth Introduces Three New X-Treme Grain Cart Models

A third generation of new models have been added to the Unverferth X-Treme grain cart line.

The new 1319, 1119, and 1019 models have capacities of 1,300, 1,100, and 1,000 bushels respectively. They can unload at speeds up to 620 bushels per minute.

Steeper slopes on the updated cart body improve cleanout. “The body of the cart was redesigned with steeper slopes, the back side being 30°, to accommodate higher moisture grain,” says Shawn Gerdeman, product manager.

He adds, “The auger technology of the X-Treme grain cart is state of the art.”

A patented front-folding auger design allows for greater forward and side unloading capabilities. The single auger is mounted in the corner of the cart for enhanced line of sight from the tractor cab.

“Some farmers like that because it gives them better visibility while they are folding it,” explains Jerry Ecklund of Unverferth. “It also actually reaches out a little bit farther and a little bit taller than previous models.”

“The patented soft-start, single-point auger engagement, and continuous-flow flighting design ensure a smooth connection of the upper and lower augers for added durability and unloading speed. All augers are mounted in a deep sump for faster and complete unloading and feature 7/16-inch-thick-edge flighting for longer life,” explains a company statement.

The hydraulic-controlled downspout gives operators more than 3-1/2 feet of movement in and out, left and right. This allows farmers to top off trucks with minimal tractor maneuvering.

Other Features

LED lights mounted on the auger make unloading in the dark easier.

A wheel-operated cleanout door and side-mounted ladder are both standard features for the new models.

These carts are prepared for safe road travel with a transport chain, LED amber and red lights, and reflective striping.

X-treme carts are available in either red or green.

Undercarriage options vary from model to model but include a number of sizes of single high-flotation or straddle dual wheels and tires. Tracks are also available for the X-treme grain cart line. Spring-cushioning or hydraulic tensioning designs are available in 36-inch widths. The patented Equalizer design with 42-inch-wide belts for less compaction is also available on some models.

“The 42×105-inch footprint sets industry standards for enhanced maneuverability and greater flotation,” says product literature.

Four different weighing options can be added to the X-treme grain carts. The simple 410 scale provides the most basic information.

A 26-character LED display on the 520 scale offers added data tracking features. “It’s not integrated into the tractor, but it is a standalone indicator,” says Gerdeman.

“We have an ISObus weighing system. It’s called UHarvest. It runs through a task controller on OEM tractors like Case, Deere, AGCO, etc. That UHarvest will run through the tractor’s terminal. That is what I call the deluxe weighing solution. It’s actually a data management solution as well,” explains Gerdeman.

Finally, an ISObus only option is available as well.

Price and Availability

The 1019 model starts at $57,600. All models can be ordered now and will be ready in time for harvest 2018.

The X-Treme grain carts, like all Unverferth products, come with a complete one-year warranty. These new models are manufactured in Shell Rock, Iowa.

To learn more, talk to your local Unverferth dealer or visit

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