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High-performance balers

For more than 60 years, Vermeer innovations have helped farmers get their work done quickly and efficiently. But in 1971, one particular invention revolutionized the haying industry.

After a stroll one morning with a fellow farmer, Gary Vermeer learned that his friend was planning to sell his cow-calf operation because he was tired of the hassles of baling hay and finding dependable help to put it up.

The next day, Vermeer, who enlisted help from his product engineers, drew the initial design for the original Vermeer baler on the factory floor. Then 45 days later, the first prototype rolled out the door and the One-Man Hay System was born.

From 1974 to 1975, the company sold more than 6,000 balers. It was obvious Vermeer's friend wasn't the only farmer ready for a change in the way hay was harvested.

Today, the company continues that tradition of ingenuity with its latest round baler introductions.

504N Round baler

The 504N Baler was designed for producers who want capacity, speed, and reliability in smaller 5×4-foot round bales. Modeled after the Super M Series, this machine produces bales that weigh up to 1,200 pounds, depending on moisture content.

The Series design starts with a large-capacity, five-bar pickup to handle heavy, high-volume windrows. A positive roll starting system, combined with the Vermeer bottom drum design, provides reliable starts, aggressive intake at high feed rates, and uniform distribution of the core across the entire chamber.

An added bonus of this machine is its versatility to bale both wet and dry hay. Thanks to the optional silage baling kit, producers can harvest hay at 50% to 65% moisture levels.

Rebel 5420 and 5520 round balers

According to Phil Chrisman, baler product manager, the Rebel Baler offers producers with lower horsepower tractors the quality and reliability of Vermeer baler technology in a package specifically designed for their needs. With a 40-hp. tractor, the Rebel 5420 Baler produces 5×4-foot bales that weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The 5520 produces 5×5-foot bales that weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

“Because the Rebel Baler has been such a strong leader in its class, we spent a lot of time working on new features that enhanced baler performance, while keeping the functionality simple and the price very competitive,” says Chrisman.

With the integration of Vermeer Super M Baler technology – the newly designed NetWrap System and the Bale Expert monitor – Rebel Baler owners will have the newest designs to help achieve the desired baling performance. Newly integrated belts with Alligator rivet laces are used for maximum strength. A new balanced-density system helps increase belt life by keeping belts taut and by preventing tangles. As a result, better-looking bales are produced.

For pricing information or to learn more about these and other Vermeer products, contact your local Vermeer dealer.

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