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Kubota’s 2016 Product Lineup

Every year, Kubota has a dealer meeting to teach dealers about new products and services available. At last year’s meeting in Nashville, the company advanced its product line in several key areas, including many firsts for the company. The main introduction was the M7 mid-range tractors, followed by round balers, mower conditioners, bale wrappers, and skid steers.

If last year’s event represented two big steps forward for Kubota, this year’s dealer meeting may be a small step back. The company did have several new innovations – you can read more about these below – but Kubota also had a few setbacks. The M7 introduced last year is still not in production, and dealers were told they could not put in more orders this week. There was a similar story for the skid steers.

“We have had shipping delays on the M7 and skid steer loader,” admits Masato Yoshikawa, president and CEO of Kubota Tractor Corporation. “The machines are undergoing rigorous testing procedures to make sure they meet quality standards. Testing has taken longer than expected, but we are committed to prioritizing quality and getting it right the first time.”

An updated schedule for both products will be available soon.

Hay equipment
After last year’s introductions, Kubota had a complete line of hay tools available, including disc mowers, rotary rakes, tedders, round balers, mower conditioners, and bale wrappers. However, there were a few gaps in the lineup, including a net-only baler.

“In many areas of the country, twine is a thing of the past,” says Justin Ferguson with Kubota. “We had Kubota balers this year that made 1,000 to 3,000 bales, and the net system was the only thing that was used. By taking the twine system off, we save $1,300. Why not pass this savings on to the customer?”

Kubota will offer three net-only models – the BV4160, BV4180, and BV5160 SuperCut-14.

Kubota is also introducing a little brother to the RA2076. “The RA2072 will have the same standard package of features as all of our rotor rakes, but in a smaller size,” explains David Palmer, also with Kubota. The double-rotor, center-delivery rake can be adjusted from 20 feet, 4 inches to a working width of 23 feet, 7 inches.

Other additions include the DM4032 front disc mower and the DM3087 butterfly combination mowers. Used together, the disc mowers have a working width up to 28 feet, 5 inches. On top of that, Kubota is offering a DMC8028R – a 9 foot, 4 inch, side-pull chevron roller conditioner machine.

The entire disc mower conditioner line received an upgrade for 2016. “All of our left-pull machines will come standard with a double swivel, drawbar hitch,” says Palmer. “We’ve also made some small improvements to our round balers. This includes a more durable door latching system and more convenient jack location.”

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