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Round baler evolution

Krone's Bellima and Fortima Round Balers are available in four configurations. The Bellima (left) offers 125 and 130 models, while the Fortima (below) features V 1500 or V 1800 versions.

For more than 35 years, Krone has been providing American farmers with haymaking machines that consistently produce high-quality hay. In keeping with that tradition, the company recently introduced two new series of round balers: Bellima and Fortima.


For 2012, Krone unveils the Bellima Series, which is a fixed-chamber baler. This machine evolved from their KR 125/130 model.

The first thing you'll notice about this Series is the updated exterior.

Inside the machine, the technical design uses the same chain elevator technology Krone is known for. Key to the design is the narrowly spaced slats that reduce friction and power loss that, in turn, provides exceptional bale feed and baling performance.

The Series also features the camless EasyFlow pick up, which eliminates the need for a traditional cam track (an area that typically sees major wear). This camless technology means the machines have a simpler design because they've shed a number of moving parts.

In fact, operators say they've noticed a decrease of up to 60% in wear on the new machine, which means lower costs due to less repair and maintenance. The camless EasyFlow pick up operates at a 30% higher speed than a standard pick up with cam, and it also runs much quieter.

There are two models in the Bellima Series. The Bellima 125 starts at $21,400. The Bellima 130 starts at $25,335.


The Fortima, a variable-chamber round baler, combines maximum efficiency and high bale densities with a clear design for easy access to all service and maintenance points.

Like the Bellima, this Series also features the EasyFlow pick up and has seen similar results from operators.

These machines feature the MultiCut rotor cutter that not only gives accurate cuts but also provides convenient knife changing and locking. As the crop feeds in a continuous flow through the knives, cutting lengths can be as short as 2.5 inches when using all 17 knives.

New and larger pulleys are the highlight of the baling chamber. These pulleys are more durable, harder wearing, are quieter running, and they allow for higher densities.

The new twine box is sealed against water and rain, and it can store up to 11 balls of twine. The twine tying system uses four threads to wrap the bales tightly, which cuts down on the tying cycle.

As narrowly spaced slats mesh with material, this gives the elevator a better grip for a more positive rotation of the bale, which benefits very dry or wet crops.

There are two models in the Fortima Series. The V 1500 has a base price of $38,775. The V 1800 starts at $40,290.

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