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Hay, Cattle Chores Just Got Easier

1. Smart Baler

New Holland’s IntelliCruise Feed Rate Control System allows its large square balers to run with optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor, explains Curt Hoffman, New Holland hay and forage marketing manager. Since most fields have varying crop yields resulting in inconsistent swaths, it is difficult to maintain a consistent feed rate into the baler. IntelliCruise overcomes this challenge.

The system offers two modes of operation: Charge Control (Rotor Cutter models) or Slice Control (BigBaler models).

Charge Control uses sensors to monitor and control speed to fill the precharge chamber exactly as you set it in the monitor. This optimizes baler throughput. “The logic is to keep a steady load on both you and the baler, and you will get more done,” says Hoffman. “At times, you’ll have the baler at 100% load, then 80% in areas with lighter crop. With IntelliCruise, forward speed automatically increases so you consistently work at the capacity you specify.”

Slice Control adapts tractor speed and slice thickness to maintain the same number of slices in a bale, with the same thickness of each slice. “This is great for maintaining consistent bale weights for uniform semitruck loads, with nothing hanging off the ends or sides of the truck,” he says.

New Holland research shows the system results in up to 9% higher capacity and productivity over an inexperienced or fatigued operator, and 4% lower fuel consumption. 

2. Foot Controls On Cat Loader

For the first time, a hand and foot control system is offered on Caterpillar D Series Skid Steer, Multi Terrain, and Compact Track loader models. The two-hand joysticks provide forward, backward, and steering movement, while the foot controls operate the bucket and lift arm. Product specialist Jeff Brown says Cat researched and designed the foot controls so users who prefer them can quickly adapt to their use.

You can also get a machine with the ISO pattern controls of one-hand drive and one-hand bucket operation, or H-pattern controls with two-hand drive and two-hand bucket operation.

For the hand-and-foot design, the shorter single-axis joystick provides the resistance and feel you expect, while still allowing you to use the armrest for comfort. 

“We recognized there are customers who prefer the hand-and-foot operation control pattern. We want to provide the opportunity for any customer to operate our machines and benefit from the comfort, visibility, and productivity.”

You can customize the recessed foot controls for bucket response as your skills and tasks require. The hand-and-foot option costs minimally more than the hands-only models.

3. Midsize Gator

John Deere has introduced new Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 (four-passenger) utility vehicles, designed for livestock producers who desire performance, comfort, and customization, says Mark Davey marketing manager.
With a twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension, and availability of more than 75 attachments, the new Gators provide a balance of performance and work capability in the midsize class. 

“With quick acceleration from the 32-hp., liquid-cooled inline gasoline engine and a top speed of over 45 mph, you can get from task to task faster,” Davey says.

Machines offer 800-pound and 1,200-pound load capacity, respectively, and 1,100-pound towing capacity. Both come standard with an 875-watt, 65-amp alternator to run auxiliary attachments. Price starts at $9,799 for the XUV590i and $11,399 for the S4.

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