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High-acre hay makers

Making high-quality hay just got a little easier, thanks to two new implements: Kuhn's MM 900 Merge Maxx power merger and Vermeer's TE490 Tedder.

Kuhn MM 900 merge maxx

With three independently floating pickup heads, the MM 900 Merge Maxx power merger puts crop quality at the forefront. This machine closely follows the ground contour for clean pickup, which helps maintain the maximum feed value of harvested forage.

Thanks to the gentle action of the pickups and belts, as well as the patented adjustable windguard system, leaf loss is reduced, and the crop is placed into a fluffy, uniform windrow for even drying.

This machine also features eight swath delivery options, which include side or central delivery and several combinations of double-swath delivery.

All discharge options as well as other functions and diagnostics are done from one central, in-cab control box.

A rear-wheel steering system lets the merger track behind the tractor and makes tight headland turns easier to maneuver.

For more information, contact your local Kuhn dealer or visit

Vermeer TE490 tedder

According to Phil Egging, Vermeer product manager, the TE490 Tedder is “designed to meet the needs of high-acre hay producers who want to cover more acres in fewer passes, in less time, with lower fuel costs.”

Even though this tedder boasts a tedding width of 49.2 feet, it handles as agilely as smaller machines.

For more consistent dry down, the TE490 features specially coiled hook-style tines, which create bottoms-up tedding action. The hook-tine design lets you pick up or turn the crop – whether it's short or long – and more effectively hit the low spots between rotors.

At less than 10 feet wide in transport, moving this device from field to field is seamless. And because the rotor frame is positioned horizontally and fully supported while being transported, it aids in creating a more stable machine with a lower center of gravity.

MSRP is $59,900. To learn more, contact Vermeer at 800/370-3659 or visit

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