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Hesston by Massey Ferguson Releases Ultra High Density Baler

Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduced a new baler at the 2018 World Ag Expo that is the first of its kind. The new 2370 Ultra High Density large square baler is the first and only Class 8 baler in the industry. Designed to produce dense bales from slick grass and crop residue, the machine is suited for the production of both feed and biofuels.

The baler is especially designed to meet the needs of large commercial hay growers. “As their market demands increase, our customers have asked for even more capacity, density, and reliability from large square balers,” explains Matt LeCroy, tactical marketing manager for hay and forage products at AGCO. “Our engineers in Hesston, Kansas, went to work, and the result is the industry’s first Class 8 baler. It offers the throughput and reliability large operations require when harvest windows are small and tons-harvested-per-day is driving an operation’s profitability.”


The 3×4-foot bales produced by the baler are 20% more dense than those of Hesston’s older 2270XD model. Higher density bales allow hay farmers to be more efficient. “More crop in the bale means fewer bales to bale, handle, move, store, and transport, which cuts operating costs and drives bottom-line returns for the operator,” LeCroy said in a company statement.

Square balers of all sizes are categorized in Class 1 through 8 using rated plunder load. Class 8 machines are defined as having 750 kilonewtons or more of plunger force. The plunger load is the most measurable factor impacting the density of a bale.

The 2370 Ultra High Density baler has a heavier plunger than other models and operates at 50 strokes per minute. The maximum load capacity is 63% greater than previous models with 760 kN of plunger force.

A heavy-duty main chassis frame is especially designed to accommodate the heavier, denser bales the machine produces. Overall, the machine has a straightforward design to reduce maintenance and downtime. Fewer cylinders, hoses, couplers, and pieces of hardware mean fewer things that could wear or fail in the busiest part of the season.

Additionally, the driveline includes three clutches in the main drives, offering more damage protection. Thanks to a new auto-rest clutch on the flywheel, getting back to work after an overload is easier. This feature eliminates the downtime of replacing a shear bolt in a traditional flywheel clutch.


OptiFlow, the new pickup assembly system, allows farmers to operate at higher ground speeds while it feeds the crop into the baler. With a tally of five tine bars and 80 double tines on the pickup assembly, the new baler has 25% more tine bars than older Hesston balers. Other features including a large roller, curved wind guard, and powered top auger encourage optimal crop flow.

The baler is equipped with two gearboxes. A heavy-duty gearbox increases flywheel energy. The other drives the plunger.

An additional 28 inches in the bale chamber allows for greater density control. Dual-acting hydraulic density cylinders with a 7-inch-diameter help create consistent bales with the maximum density.

In order to reduce profit-robbing downtime, the 2370 Ultra High Density baler has plunger needled slots with brushes that remove debris before entering knotters. This improves knot consistency from the six double-tie knotters. The knotters can handle up to 800-knot-strength twine designed for high-density bales.

Two rows of twine boxes with a capacity of 36 balls of twine allow the operator to stop for refills less often. The boxes swing out to give easier access to components behind them.

Hydraulic brakes and a scale-equipped roller chute are standard features on the new baler. A lifetime-sealed packer crank and stuffer bearings, and replaceable knotter drive cam lobe are also part of the standard package.


The Bale Create user interface is a key feature of the new baler, making performance information available, allowing better decision making and adjustments in the field. Farmers can see bale formation data like flake size, flake count, and bale length in real time from the tractor cab. Bale weight and other information is available through configurable boxes on the screen.

The 2370 Ultra High Density baler will be available through Massey Ferguson and Challenger dealers in 2018. The first shipments will begin in May.


The new baler is on display at the 2018 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. Farmers and ranchers can see the machine and ask questions at Lot #46Q along the North Greenbelt between Q and R Streets. To find a local dealer, visit or

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