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John Deere replaces A400 SP Windrower with two new models

OLATHE, Kansas (August 23, 2012) – To provide small grain and hay and forage producers, globally, with additional horsepower levels and header options in self-propelled windrowers (SPW), John Deere introduces the new W110 and W150 Self-Propelled Windrowers for 2013. These two models replace the 140 engine horsepower A400 SPW and complement the existing 200 horsepower R450 and D450 models.

          The new 110 horsepower W110 and 148 horsepower W150 traction units can be matched with six new draper heads and three new auger heads that provide the cutting and windrow performance that customers demand for their operations. Plus, the heads are interchangeable, giving customers the flexibility to switch heads on a single traction unit to match different crops and harvest conditions.

          Jeremy Unruh, marketing manager at John Deere Ottumwa Works, says the two new windrower models, as well as the new heads, provide customers greater choice when selecting smaller and mid-size machines for their operations. “We can now offer self-propelled windrower models from 110 to 200 horsepower,” Unruh says. “With interchangeable draper heads from 15 to 40 feet and auger heads from 14 to 18 feet, we have a complete line of John Deere supported windrower solutions for small grain, hay, and forage customers.”

          The new SPW models have been designed to provide increased visibility to the cutting platform, superior crop cutting and conditioning with auger and draper platforms, and more consistent windrow performance for all types of hay and small grain crops.  Head options include six draper head models in 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-ft. lengths and five auger head models in 14-, 16- and 18-ft. lengths.

Unruh adds, “From front to back, these machines and heads have been built to provide years of reliable cutting, conditioning and windrowing performance.”

For more information on the new self-propelled windrowers from John Deere, see your local John Deere dealer or visit

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