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Kubota Launches Two New Silage Balers, New Disc Mower Roller Conditioner

Kubota started making hay tools three years ago. Now the company is rounding out that line with two new silage balers and a new trailed disc mower roller conditioner.

“These new balers make sure we are able to meet the demands of our hay customers in markets where silage is starting to develop, enabling them to produce a feed source of much higher quality for their livestock,” says Dave Palmer, the senior product manager for Kubota hay tools.

Two New Silage-Friendly Balers

If you’re a hay producer who’s looking for a baler with additional silage features, take a hard look at Kubota’s latest balers that can handle silage, hay, and straw in their fork feeder intake systems. The BV4160SS has a 4-foot-wide, 5-foot-high chamber, while the BV4180SS creates larger bales in its 4-foot-wide, 6-foot-high baling chamber.

Both balers are equipped with the Kubota Power Bind Net system, come with a silage scraper kit for wet conditions, and include a proportional valve that allows operators to adjust bale density while in motion. 

New Disc Mower Roller Conditioner

Like Kubota’s other trailed disc mower conditioners, the latest and widest gentle roller conditioning model – the DMC8540R – is equipped with the company’s patented,

fully-welded cutterbar. The new 13-foot mower conditioner can handle fragile crops with its full-width chevron conditioner rollers, offering consistent swath formation and crop drying. 

Convenient suspension allows the DMC8540R to take on contoured ground with ease, while the implement is constantly cutting courtesy of each disc’s three counter-rotating blades. Having such advanced discs means one-third less load per blade, a consistent load on the drive, and smoother use of power.

Just like other disc mower conditioners by Kubota, the DMC8540R is designed to be quiet, durable, and as low-maintenance as possible.

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