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Massey Ferguson Now Offering Silage Baler

Massey Ferguson recently introduced its new RB series Silage Baler. This new piece of equipment is the first silage baler to be offered by the company and includes a number of features to keep farmers baling longer.

It has been designed to meet the needs of small to midsize cattle farmers. Farmers who want to bale high-moisture forages for livestock feed will find value in this baler. Although the RB series baler was engineered to handle heavy, high-moisture silage crops, it can also work with dry, course material like wheat straw and corn stover.

Matt LeCroy is the tactical marketing manager for hay and forage at AGCO. He says, “Massey Ferguson is a world-leading brand with extensive experience in hay and forage production. The RB series Silage Baler is a cost-effective option for operations that want to put their high-moisture forage into bales and for those who need a heavy-duty baler that can handle the tough conditions of baling corn stover.”

Product Specifications

The camless pickup of the RB series means there is no cam track, so the machine has fewer moving parts. This results in quieter operation, less wear sensitivity, and increased reliability.

To ensure clean pickup and smooth intake of heavy, wet forages, the RB series has been designed with an 84-inch-wide tine-to-tine pickup and a five-tine bar. The long, heavy-duty tines were engineered to accommodate heavy crops with the help of a large coil that increases flexibility.

The Xtracut 17 features two sets of hydraulically operated knives. The knives are divided in two sets, so that eight, nine, or all 17 can be engaged at one time. This adjustment can be made quickly from the tractor cab.

Bale Size and Quality

The new RB series features two models of variable-chamber balers. The smaller RB4160V creates a 4×5-foot bale and can range in diameter from 35.5 inches to 63 inches. The RB418OV is a bit larger and builds 4×6-foot bales with diameters between 35.5 inches and 71 inches.

Uniform, well-shaped bales are important for efficient baling, transporting, and storage.

The compact pickup is positioned close to the rotor for smooth and consistent crop flow into the bale chamber and better bales.

To ensure density stays consistent as the bale grows, these balers feature a Constant Pressure System. It increases the pressure as the surface of the bale increases.

As the core of the bale is formed, inside the bale chamber two rollers above the feed system and large CPS springs help the belts flex, allowing a quick start and the appropriate amount of pressure for a good core.

The crop press roller on the RB series balers contributes to efficient flow and ideal bale shape. It helps the pickup feed in smaller volume crops and levels out larger quantities of crop to prevent lumpy bales.

Less Downtime

Reducing downtime is also important because the window of opportunity for optimal bailing is often very limited. The RB series balers are built with durable components to increase efficiency and uptime.

Four continuous belts inside the baler help the machine grip the crop and put pressure on the bale as it forms. These belts are made out of multiple layers of rubber and synthetic material to have great tensile strength. Because these belts are manufactured with significant overlap instead of being joined with a seam, they are less prone to breaking.

Natalina Sents

These new balers are also equipped with HydroFlex Control, a two-stage anti-plugging protection technology exclusive to Massey Ferguson that includes an automatic, flexing mechanical floor. This system reduces the chances of baler plugging. When the mechanical floor flexes downward underneath the rotor, it can allow a rock or crop bunch to pass through. The hydraulically controlled floor also makes it easier to clean out plugs from the comfort of the tractor cab when plugging does occur.

Varionet wrapping works to make sure the net wrap is applied evenly across each bale to protect against weather conditions and quality loss. The baler has an easy load system that carries two spare rolls on the baler making roll replacement quick and simple.

Price and Availability

Delivery of the RB series balers to dealers will begin in March 2019. Farmers can expect to pay $58,528 for the smaller RB4160V. List price for the RB4180V is $64,189.

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