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DISCO 1100 Triple MoCo Spans 35 Feet

With a working width of 35 feet, the DISCO 1100 is now the largest tractor-mounted triple mower-conditioner available. The DISCO 1100 is the newest model in the Claas DISCO line and can be ordered with a tine- or roller-conditioner.

The mammoth-sized model features an updated Claas MAX CUT cutterbar. The new MAX CUT uses a wave-shaped bed stamped from one piece of steel. The large cross-section created by the wave-shape design provides added strength. The updated MAX CUT will also be available on five other new models, including the 2750, 3150, 3550, 3150C, and 3150TC/TRC.

“The DISCO 1100 is also equipped with an individual float that allows the mower to better follow the contour of the ground,” says Matt Jaynes. “This results in less soil in the forage and a better end product.”

The new mowers have a transport height of 13 feet and width of 10 feet. The transport locking device is hydraulically locked and unlocked during the folding process to ensure safe, smooth transport. ISOBUS compatibility ensures that all functions can be controlled from a single device.

“Due to our extendable and retractable mower arms, we’re able to shift the mower wings on the go,” explains Jaynes. “This is a great feature to have when you’re going through curves to ensure you don’t have any streaks.” 

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