Grassterpieces around the globe

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    Grasshopper mowers are known worldwide for their fast pace, perfect cut and sweet ride. Here are 10 of the best Grassterpieces from around the globe that rely on Grasshopper equipment to keep their facilities looking great.

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    The White House

    (Washington, DC) Perhaps the most famous residence in the world, relies on snow-removing Grasshopper mowers to keep the leader of the free world and rest of the executive branch working year-round. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon).

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    Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

    (Tennessee) This internationally recognized resort uses Grasshopper equipment to maintain more than 400 acres of pristine grounds using the Grasshopper Turbine Blower, rotary broom, sprayer and AERA-Vator implements.


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    International School

    (The Netherlands) The International School of Eerde resides in a 17th-century Flemish castle and is a beautiful environment for study. The grounds reflect the elite status of European school. "We like how easy it is to change from the side discharge function to the collection system for the different parts of our grounds" (A. Sluijer, Den Ha).


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    Parc Monceau

    (France) Built for Napoleon III, this 20-acre park in Paris inspired several paintings by Claude Monet and today relies on Grasshopper to maintain a picture-perfect appearance for thousands of visitors each day "...thanks to the Grasshopper and its PowerVac Collection System, which completely removes all clippings and provides a clean-swept appearance."(C. Simenhaus).


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    (Italy) The idyllic alpine village of Molveno at the foot of the Italian Alps recently acquired its second Grasshopper 900 Series diesel FrontMount. The town also uses Grasshopper dethatchers, snowthrowers and AERA-Vator to maintain the lakeside resort and municipal soccer field.


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    Oak Alley Plantation

    (Louisiana) A protected National Historic Landmark, Oak Alley Plantation utilizes Grasshopper diesel powered mowers to maintain its namesake, a canopied, 800-foot-long path of live oaks leading to the Mississippi River. The trees, planted in the early 18th century, make the Vacherie Louisiana property one of the most photographed plantations in the Mississippi River delta.


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    Copper Spring Ranch

    (Montana) The Copper Spring Ranch in Bozeman, Montana is about one thing -- amazing horses. The world-class equestrian facility and state-of-the-art veterinary clinic depend on Grasshopper mowers to maintain turf for elite horses bred and trained on the property.


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    Reunification Palace

    (Vietnam) A Ho Chi Minh City landmark, the Reunification Palace once served as the official residence of South Vietnam's president. Today, the grounds of this somber place of healing and remembrance are maintained by a FrontMount liquid-cooled Grasshopper and PowerVac Collection System.


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    Grand Casino Tunica

    (Mississippi) The Grand Casino Tunica resort draws thousands of visitors every year. To keep this Mississippi destination looking its best year-round, the resort employs Grasshopper mowers as well as implements including PowerVac Collection Systems, AERA-Vator for coreless aeration and the Turbine Blower for debris clearing.


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    Walt Disney Headquarters

    (California) The Walt Disney Company takes the turf maintenance at its Burbank, California headquarters very seriously. The Grasshopper AERA-Vator implement helps keep the grass at the world's largest media conglomerate ready for the big-screen at all times.


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