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Krone Releases EasyCut Pull-Type MoCos

Krone is adding to its lineup of mower conditioners with the new trailed center, pull-type EasyCut TC 400 and EasyCut TC 500. The trailed center configuration works well for hay producers who need a larger mower but require narrow transport widths.

Not only do the new mocos provide a narrow transport width of 9 feet, but the machines also convert quickly from work to travel. The optional endwise transport, activated from the cab controller, swings the mower 90° to transport position in under 30 seconds while an axle pivots under the mower to support it on the road.

“With the optional endwise transport, you can take a 16-foot mower through a 10-foot gate or stay within your lane on the road, preventing operators from having to dodge obstacles such as cars or mailboxes,” says Cliff Addison with Krone.

To further improve the efficiency of the mocos, the TC 400 and TC 500 have a center pivot that allows you to mow up and down the field in either direction, minimizing the number of turns in the field.

These mowers also include features Krone is known for, including a low-profile cutterbar design and the SmartCut cutterbar, both of which provide a clean and even cut.

The EasyCut TC 400 has a working width of 13 feet with a recommended tractor PTO horsepower of 120. The TC 500 will need 150 hp. and has a working width of 16 feet 2 inches. The mowers are available with a two-point hitch or drawbar hookup.

Both mowers feature a 10-foot 9-inch-wide conditioner. You can choose between steel chevron rollers, polyurethane intermeshing rollers, or V-tines. You also have the option to remove the conditioner.

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