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The M105 (left) and the M155 (below) self-propelled windrowers round out the M5 Series, which includes one other model, the M205.

“These two new models round out the new generation of M5 Series SP windrowers.”

In 1951, Killbery Industries Ltd., which would become MacDon in 1971, pioneered one of the first self-propelled windrowers. Through the years, the company has been responsible for many design innovations and improvements that have become standard features on the machines today. The company continues to play an important role in developing windrowing technology.

MacDon's latest additions to its line of windrowers – the M105 and M155 – continue that tradition by incorporating many features to give you more of what you want: power, speed, comfort, and performance. These two new models, along with the M205, round out the new generation of M5 Series SP windrowers.

Advanced features

For increased productivity, these windrowers are equipped with a high-powered, fuel-efficient, Tier 3 Cummins engine that can automatically boost power in extreme conditions.

The Intermediate Speed Control lets header functions operate at full power with reduced engine rpm's. And that translates into increased fuel savings.

The cab-forward design, curved windows, adjustable air-ride seat, and fingertip control of the header functions enhance your view while keeping you comfortable.

Rail platforms are movable and cooling system cores slide easily or swing out of the way for cleaning, which saves valuable time on maintenance and service.

A well-formed windrow means you can harvest more crop. This is made possible, in part, by these machines' redesigned chassis with a wide wheel stance and unmatched crop clearance below the frame.

An added bonus to the M155 is MacDon's Ultra Glide cab suspension system, which is a four-corner, custom-tuned independent suspension system that features suspension stabilization to prevent cab roll. This model also includes a Dual Direction cab technology with a faster road speed when the cab is in the forward position.

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