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New Bale Splitter Makes Quick Work of Removing Bale Wrapping

The unique grabbing system on RhinoAg’s Mega Bale Splitter (MBS) employs hooked teeth (as seen in the horizontal row of black hooks) that bite into bale wrap material and then retract (rotate back into the frame) to hold on to the wrap.

“When you lift the section of the bale that you have cut in half, off comes the wrap on the entire bale,” explains Joshua Trolinger of RhinoAg. “Our Wrap Retention Mechanism holds on to the wrap until the bale is deposited in a grinder or feeder. After the forage is released, you can move away from that location taking the bale wrap with you. To release the wrap, you simply tip the MBS forward and the wrap falls on the ground.”

RhinoAg’s MBS splits 4- to 6-foot round or square bales utilizing unique serrated teeth (seen below the bale wrap hooked teeth). The 1,300-pound attachment carries a $9,499 suggested retail price. For more informatio, go to

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