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New Holland's windrower has a new look for 2022

New Holland’s Speedrower Plus series features increased power, new technology, and a fresh design as an update to their line of self-propelled windrowers for the 2022 model year.

“When we released the model year ‘22 New Holland, Speedrower Plus, basically the entire unit was redesigned from the head all the way back through the rear axle,” says Lena Bioni, product marketing manager for New Holland. “Its features improved a lot of the productivity, with faster infield operations and transport speeds.”

These new windrowers are offered in three models, the 160, 220 and 260, with high-speed configurations available. The 160 runs on a 4.5L, 4-cylinder engine with rated horsepower of 150 hp. and a max of 161 hp. The 220 and 260 run on 6.7L, 6-cylinder engines. The 220 has a rated 210 hp. and max 220 hp. while the 260 has a rated 250 hp. and max 261 hp.

Power and speed

The Speedrower Plus is capable of cutting more acres per hour compared to previous models with field speeds up to 20 mph with New Holland’s optional auto-guidance technology. The auto-guidance can be engaged with the push of a button, offering complete machine control and speeds 30% faster to prior models.

While moving between fields, standard models have road speeds of 22 mph, while the high-speed configured models can hit up to 30 mph on the road. High-speed models also include head-forward visibility, as well as automatic service brakes and rear-axle steering. 

The standard speed 220 Plus and 260 Plus models have the potential of over 11,000 lbs. ft of torque to the drive wheels. This is nearly double the hill-climbing ability of previous models. High-speed models have a 20% improvement in hill-climbing.

The windrower’s automation system has two modes to enhance productivity or economy. Power cruise mode allows the operator to select a maximum speed, which will be automatically adjusted as conditions change and engine load fluctuates to ensure disc speed and header power are maintained. 

The economy cruise mode allows the operator to control the ground speed and set an engine speed range so — depending on crop conditions — the engine speed is lowered to reduce noise and fuel consumption. When encountering heavier crop conditions, engine speed is automatically increased. 

Productivity and precision

New Holland's Speedrower Plus windrower in the field.
New Holland

Improved disc heads on the Speedrower Plus make a cleaner cut and have improved swathing for faster crop dry down. The new modular cutterbar has longer knives, extending each module’s cutting diameter by nearly an inch, and a faster tip-speed at 2,600 rpm. 

The DuraMerger 419 plus merging attachment has a long deck design, combining up to three windrows which can improve forage harvesting efficiency. A high speed belt and direct motor drive assembly give the DuraMerger 419 increased power to push through heavier crops. 

The added power and speed to the Speedrower Plus is aided by the new eletcrohydraulic drive-by-wire ground drive system. With this system, the ground drive pumps and wheel motors are precisely controlled to maintain a steady course, with less manual steering. Headland management automation controls ground speed, header lift, and merger lift to make headland turns easier and enhances pass-to-pass accuracy. 

Cab comforts 

Getting into the cab of the Speedrower Plus is easier with redesigned steps and entry platform. Once inside, New Holland touts a comfortable cab experience with cloth-covered seats and air-suspension in the standard and premium packages. The premium package comes with leather-covered, high-back seats with heat and cooling ventilation.

Cab suspension has also been updated for the Speedrower Plus, optimized for the faster speeds. The four-point suspension includes new front isolation mounts and updated coil springs over the rear shocks to cushion the entire cab. 

The steering wheel has telescopic adjustments and tilts at boot floor and knee level to fit the operator comfortably. A total of 73 square feet of curved, tinted cab glass surrounds the cap for optimal visibility, and quieter noise levels.

New Holland’s IntelliView IV touch screen display comes standard in the Speedrower Plus which allows the operator to customize their precise route with its management software.

Fresh look

A closer look at the Speedrower Plus featuring the new yellow and red paint job.
New Holland

You may notice a change in the Speedrower’s look compared to other New Holland windrowers. The new yellow paint scheme reflects New Holland’s heritage, and provides the practical change for improved visibility from an operational and serviceability standpoint.

“You will actually start to see yellow incorporated in more of the new hay and forage New Holland tools going forward,” says Bioni. 

Price and availability

The Speedrower Plus self-propelled windrower is available in three models. With base configurations, the 160 starts around $173,000, the 220 around $192,000 and the 260 around $205,000. For more information visit

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