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New Individual Bale Wrapper Wraps 120 Bales Each Hour

Ireland-based McHale debuted the Orbital bale wrapper at the National Farm Machinery Show this year. The Orbital is the fastest individual wrapper in the industry and is the only in-line wrapper the company offers.

The new wrapper, based on technology used in the company’s popular combination machines, can wrap 100 to 120 individual bales an hour. If using four layers of film, a bale can be wrapped in just 18 seconds. If using six layers of film, a bale will take under 25 seconds to wrap. The Orbital can handle round bales that are 3 feet, 9 inches to 4 feet, 9 inches in size.

The Expert Plus Control Console comes standard with the purchase of an Orbital wrapper to ensure the automatic machine runs smoothly. Operators can adjust wrap layers, bale diameter, and bale tip from the console’s sizable graphic display. The Control Consule also records the number of bales wrapped and offers film break sensing. 

Each Orbital coming to the U.S. will come with side-tip capabilities. This standard feature will allow hay producers to rotate wrapped bales 90° to place them on their end to prevent stake and stubble damage.

McHale is proud of the way the wrapper gently places wrapped bales back on the ground, the simplicity of loading film, and the transfer of bales on and off the machine that happens simultaneously.

According to McHale’s product support representative Michael Dillon, the Orbital will probably benefit custom hay operators and large-scale cattle ranchers the most.

Three or four years of testing went into the Orbital, and it was revealed in Europe in September of 2016. Interested buyers can order now and expect to pay around $40,000. 


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