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Vermeer Introduces New BPX9010 Bale Processor

At dairy farms and beef feedlots, large and small, producers will experience more simplicity, durability, and versatility with the new BPX9010 Bale Processor from Vermeer. The new model replaces the current BPX9000.

“We listened to our customers and took their feedback into consideration to design the new BPX9010 with enhanced features. After all, who knows better than the cattleman feeding cattle every day,” says Shawn Wang, Vermeer product manager.

“It has the versatility to cater to a variety of applications whether the farmer is looking to feed hay in a bunk or windrow, spread bedding, process crop before putting it in a TMR, or even for erosion control applications,” explains Bailey Boyert, senior marketing specialist for the company.

“Livestock producers are embracing the use of bale processors – they want to find efficiencies in their operation and increase feed palatability,” Wang says.

Simplicity, Durability, Versatility

While it is the smallest machine in the Vermeer bale processor line, the company claims the simplicity, durability, and versatility of this bale processor set it apart from others on the market.

“We’ve designed this machine to be a durable workhorse,” says Boyert.

The direct drive system on the BPX9010 requires less maintenance. The simple design makes the machine easy to load and operate.

The slat-and-chain bale rotation design helps bales feed into the rotor consistently without the need for reverse rotation.

An improved tub profile paired with toolless cut control bars allow for more consistency even with bales of varying shapes and moisture levels. This setup allows dual adjustments to be made from outside the machine for increased aggression. Producers can control processing speed and material size with 10 different settings.

The discharge chute of the BPX9010 has been redesigned to improve crop flow. It discharges on the right-hand side of the bale processor.

Size and specifications

The BPX9010 is 15.6 feet long and has a height of 8.5 feet. Operation width is 11.2 feet but can be reduced to a width of 8.2 feet for transport. This bale processor weighs 5,240 pounds. Drawbar weight is 1,480 pounds.

The tractor used to operate this bale processor must have at least an 85-hp. PTO, but 100 hp. is recommended. This machine should not be used with a tractor that has a PTO larger than 210 hp.

A 3 double-acting hydraulic compatibility is required for the BPX9010. It needs hydraulic pressure of 2,000 psi and a flow rate of 8 gpm.

Bale capacity is two 6×5-foot bales. Bale weight capacity is 2,500 pounds.


Several optional features are available for the BPX9010.

Straight forks and a powered sidewall kit may be added to give producers the ability to process round and square bales.

Flotation tires to reduce compaction are also an option.

Cut control bars can be enhanced with either the extra cut control bars kit or the hydraulic cut control bar kit.

A front discharge curtain can be added to the bale processor.

Adding a scale kit may help cattle producers be more accurate and precise in their feeding operation.

Price and Availability

BPX9010 bale processors are designed and manufactured in Pella, Iowa. They will start arriving at dealerships this summer, so producers can put them to use this fall and winter. List price ranges between $27,083 and $32,542 depending on options. Contact your local dealer to learn more.

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