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Vermeer Releases Second-Generation Pro Balers for Intense Silage

Over the years, Vermeer has watched silage baleage become more and more popular in North America. Most recently, the company has seen the trend of baling silage extend from the northeast portion of the U.S. to the Midwest.

At the National Farm Machinery Show this week, Vermeer showed off the newly redesigned 504 Pro baler that’s built strong to handle thousands of heavy, wet silage bales each year. Vermeer product manager Jose Vrieze doesn’t hesitate to call the second-generation pro balers the Cadillacs of balers in the industry. 

Engineering a strong and durable piece of equipment was essential for Vermeer since the 5×4-foot silage bales that the machine produces are typically over 2,000 pounds each. For 6×4-foot bales, operators should consider the 604 Pro baler that can also make 5-foot bales if needed.

To be clear, the pro balers can also create high-quality dry bales. At any given time, operators can choose to use 0, 8, 9, or all 17 choppers depending on the baling conditions and preferences. 

The new design eliminates a few wear points in the pickup by making it camless. Four endless belts also help eliminate excessive maintenance needs.

The Game-Changing Features

Instead of spending time yanking wet hay out of the back of a clogged baler, operators can drop the floor of the baler from the tractor cab in just seconds to remove a blockage. Seconds later, the drop floor can pull back up, grab the silage it dropped previously, and keep moving. 

“Operators can clear a plugged baler in 45 seconds,” Vrieze says. “We find it helps eliminate the mental block operators tend to have after their balers get plugged.”

Some operators are running this baler at as high as 10 mph, but Vermeer doesn’t necessarily recommend it. Bale size, weather conditions, hay moisture level, etc., should all come into play when picking a speed. 

Both balers are making it to dealers’ lots now, and pricing is very similar to the first-generation pro balers. The 504 Pro is listed at around $55,000. Operators can choose to equip their balers with large float tires for rough terrain, if preferred.

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