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Plant ROOT Injector

The Plant ROOT Injector is a simple tool that combines the principles of Drip Irrigation & Hydrophonics into a simple system that is cheap, easy-to-make & use everywhere.

It can be particularly useful in places where water shortages & drought conditions threathen or exist; in places where planting or gardening is difficult because water is scarce & in-accessible; and, in existing farms that want to benefit from costly technologies like Drip Irrigation & Hydrophonics.

Find out How-to-Make and How-to-Install & Use the Plant ROOT Injector at:
Or Google: Plant ROOT Injector

Your help in spreading the word about the Plant ROOT Injector to poor & developing countries where it can be used economically in lieu of costly Drip Irrigation & Hydrophonic Systems to improve crops & yields will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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