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Smart Pivot Controls

Valley’s ICON panels offer touch screens and advanced features.

Touch screen simplicity and intuitive control have come to center pivot operation with the introduction of the ICON smart panels. Introduced by Valley Irrigation, the top-of-the-line ICON10 panel is equipped with a 10-inch, full-color touch screen display that works much like a tablet. It provides all the features of the current Pro2 control panel from Valley, but it has enhanced memory and the speed needed for future upgrades. In addition to being GPS-ready, the ICON10 control panel provides real-time status of the pivot and other inputs, and it features customizable control features. In other words, you can assign the touch switches to different functions.

Valley also offers a lower-cost 5-inch display, the ICON5, that also offers touch screen technology in combination with soft-touch buttons beside the screen for easy, precise control.

A third option, the ICON1, is designed to work with a mobile device. Offering just three buttons (forward, stop, and reverse), this panel comes with Edge-Of-Field Wi-Fi as standard equipment, which means you have remote access to the control panel from the edge of the field without the need for cell service or internet access. Using a tablet or smartphone, you see the same screen shown on the ICON10 panel and have the same monitor and control capabilities, without driving to the pivot point. Edge-Of-Field Wi-Fi is also available as an option on the ICON10 panel.

The final ICON option is the Valley ICONX, which brings any control panel (including all major electric pivot brand panels) into the AgSense or BaseStation3 network. It takes control of an existing panel using that panel’s circuits to deliver full ICON panel control via a 5-inch color touch screen.

Since it uses the existing pivot control panel as a host, it provides a way to upgrade and put more pivots on one remote monitoring and control network.


Regardless of which display you choose, all four options have expanded connectivity on a smart relay board, so they are ready for future upgrades. 

Each panel comes equipped with AgSense ICON Link, so all four models are compatible with both AgSense and BaseStation telemetry technology. That makes it easy for growers to view data and to remotely control their pivots at any time from anywhere, whether they’re expanding existing networks or just starting with remote monitoring and control.

All four monitors provide cable-theft monitoring through the AgSense ICON link or BaseStation3 and work with Valley variable-rate irrigation (VRI) speed control, VRI zone control, and VRI individual sprinkler programs.

Matt Ondrejko of Valley points out that wind, rain, and temperature monitoring are also available with optional sensors. “This allows you to set parameters for your pivots,” he explains. “For example, if it rains an inch, the panel can be programmed to shut the pivot off. Or, if the wind is blowing at 20 mph, you can tell the machine to stop at a certain field position.”

The ICON displays fit standard Valley modular control enclosures. Any current Valley Pro, Pro2, Select, or ClassicPlus panel can be upgraded to ICON.

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