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John Deere to move cab production from Iowa to Mexico

John Deere has confirmed it will be moving cab production from its Tractor and Cab Assembly Operations (TCAO) in Waterloo, Iowa, to Ramos Component Works in Mexico. 

The company’s plan is to bring new product programs to its Waterloo Works plant, making it necessary to consolidate cab manufacturing to the plant in Mexico, according to a statement from John Deere. 

“The decision to move cab production ensures the company can balance workforce needs within the tight labor market, while also ensuring Waterloo can open up floor space to manufacture new products,” the company said in a statement. 

Around 1,100 production workers and 450 salaried workers are employed at the Waterloo TCAO. Deere estimates around 250 employees could be affected by this decision, depending on where the business is with production values and the new product program’s needs. 

John Deere expects the move to be completed sometime during the 2024 fiscal year. The new product programs that will replace cab production in Waterloo have not yet been released to the public. 

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