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Kinze Enters Tillage Market with Mach Till

Kinze Manufacturing may be best known for its blue planters and grain carts but now is offering a new tillage product. The company introduced its new Mach Till at the February 2018 National Farm Machinery Show and recently began production in Williamsburg, Iowa. The product line has been licensed from Degelman Industries.

“The Mach Till product line allows Kinze and its dealer network to improve our already strong brand and have instant access to serve the growing hybrid horizontal tillage market with a proven product. Dealers are excited to expand their product offerings and look forward to offering this great option for farmers,” says Susanne Veatch, Kinze president and chief marketing officer.

In a press statement, she stresses this tool is not a vertical tillage machine. Instead, the company is calling the practice hybrid horizontal tillage. “Hybrid horizontal tillage combines some of the benefits of conventional disks, vertical tillage, and soil-finishing products into one tool, integrating features of speed, good soil finish, and uniform residue management in clay, sand, loam, wet, and dry soils,” Veatch explains.

Mach Till is the fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment a farmer will own, claims a press statement. The high-speed disk can be used in fall or spring to size residue or prepare the soil for planting. Mach Till leaves the soil in optimal condition for improved soil structure, faster germination, and erosion control.

The tillage tool cuts and throws the soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction layer in the dirt, then mixes the soil and residue together.

The Octico furrow roller on the back of the machine is made of rubber and works to minimize compaction. “It consolidates the soil, bringing the fine earth into contact with residue to optimize decomposition, leaving an eye-appealing finish and the soil bed ready for spring planting,” Veatch says.

By working at speeds between 8 and 12 mph, farmers can use Mach Till to cover as much as three times the ground as traditional tillage systems in the same time. When operating at 12 mph, farmers can till up to 60 acres per hour.

Because the frame has been designed to be heavy, there is no need to add extra weight. The weight of the tool itself is enough to tackle challenging soil and trash conditions without causing compaction.

The company touts the simplicity and durability of the Mach Till. The tool features maintenance-free pins, bushings, disk and rubber roller bearings, and hub assemblies. Few moving parts and a simple design mean fewer opportunities for costly breakdowns. With just four mechanical settings, the Mach Till can be adjusted and ready for fieldwork.

Rubber suspension for each disk arm provides 11½-inch clearance and allows the disk to skate over big rocks to follow the ground contour. This protects the machine from rock damage.

Frame flex technology also enhances the ground following of the new Mach Till. The wings flex 6˚ in either direction while front to back the machine flexes 8˚ both up and down.

Model Specifications

Kinze offers four models of Mach Till.

All Mach Till models are equipped with high-flotation tires to spread out the footprint of the machine and minimize compaction.

While the number of disks varies based on the model, all disks have a diameter of 20 inches. All disks are on 5-inch spacing. Customers can choose between plain or double-V concave disks. The concave disk is designed to till and invert soil. The double-V disk option may be a good choice for operators looking for high cutting power.

Also, each size of Mach Till also requires 18 to 20 gpm in hydraulic flow.

Mach Till 201

The Mach Till 201 model has an operating width of 20 feet and can cover up to 30 acres an hour with 46 disks. It has a transportation width of 13 feet, 10 inches and height of 12 feet, 10 inches. The 201 model weights approximately 19,500 pounds.

This model requires a tractor with a minimum of 350 hp. in the fall and 300 hp. for spring work.

Mach Till 261

Mach Till 261 models have an operating width of 26 feet. Equipped with 62 disks, the 261 can cover up to 40 acres per hour. Transportation height is 13 feet 1 inch, and transportation width is 13 feet 10 inches. This model weights about 23,000 pounds.

For fall work, the 261 model needs a tractor with at least 400 hp. In the spring, a minimum of 350 hp. is recommended.

Mach Till 331

The Mach Till 331 is 33 feet wide. When operating at top speed, it can cover up to 50 acres every hour. While the transportation height is less than that of the 201 or 261 models at 12 feet 6 inches, it is several feet wider in transport mode at 20 feet. The estimated weight is 29,000 pounds.

In the fall, the Mach Till 331 requires a minimum of 475 hp. When using this tool in the spring, use a 425-hp. tractor or larger.

Mach Till 401

The fourth and largest Mach Till is the 401 model. It has an operating width of 40 feet which allows it to cover up to 60 acres per hour. This model has a transportation height of 13 feet, and transportation width is 20 feet. Kinze literature says the 401 weights about 32,000 pounds.

This tool requires at least a 550-hp. tractor in the fall, and 500 hp. for spring work.

Price and Availability

While the machine has been licensed from Degelman Industries, it is manufactured by Kinze at the company headquarters in Williamsburg, Iowa. For pricing information or to place an order, contact your local Kinze dealer. The Mach Till is available nationwide.

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