Know your machinery parts?

  • Intro

    The Ag Connect Expo, held January 8-10 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, featured leading agricultural machinery manufacturers from around the world. Exhibitors included the major, well-known brands, as well as a large complement of lesser known manufacturers who supply components for farm equipment.

  • 01

    Components on display are used in all major agricultural machinery. In the first photo of this slideshow, first look at a close-up view of the component. Guess its name and function, and maybe even the company that made it.

  • 02

    Tough enough

    What kind of equipment is “toughened” by this part?

  • 03

    “Three-piece suit.” Sarah Gensler, GBGI, Inc., is holding a hub and spindle assembly for tillage equipment, featuring a new precision three-piece seal.

  • 04

    Tough for tillage

    It’s a disc, of course, but for what type of tillage?

  • 05

    Going vertical

    Ingersoll Tillage Group’s new SoilRazor disc features a saw-tooth cutting edge that’s designed for deep soil penetration and cutting through tough crop residue.  The disc is being used by Krause, Sunflower, Alamo and other companies.

  • 06

    Getting control

    This tool is touted for reducing wear and tear on a tractor? What is it?

  • 07

    Hitch it up

    Jim Rogus, Terrog Manufacturing shows off his company’s articulating implement hitch. “It takes the backlash out of the hitch and provides more precise control,” he says.

  • 08

    Get in gear

    A typical use for this part?

  • 09

    Rick Carr, Superior Gearbox Company, says one use for the item is the apron drive for a live-bottom trailer. It runs the conveyor belt at the bottom of the trailer. “[The gearbox] changes direction or changes the speed of power,” he says.

  • 10

    Banjo man

    Meet “Banjo Man.” What’s he made of?

  • 11


    Banjo Corporation makes flange connection parts for liquid handling. The pieces provide a positive seal and allow you to orient the fitting in any position, says Scott McDonald, Banjo sales manager.  Deere, Case, AGCO and other manufacturers of large self-propelled sprayers use the product.

  • 12

    Hard facing

    What type of machinery would use these parts?

  • 13

    Kondex Corporation supplies a mix of cutting components and high-wear parts for the harvesting equipment industry, selling disk mower knives, straw chopper blades and other parts to the major manufacturers, says Keith Johnson, Kondex manager of engineering.

  • 14

    Olympic rings?

    These special materials are used in what parts of a tractor?

  • 15

    Getting power

    Ortlinghaus, a German company, makes parts for tractors, including this PTO clutch.  The company make its own “special materials” for clutches, brakes and plates, company representatives say.

  • 16

    ‘In every machine’

    Components from Comer Industries “are in just about every machine,” says Bruce Kepley with the company.  An easy part to identify?

  • 17

    Much in the mix

    Comer’s agricultural wheel drive is just one of a number of parts that Comer has designed for CNH.

  • 18

    Faster, Inc.

    Can you guess what these components accomplish on a machine?

  • 19

    Faster Incorporated’s quick disconnects are a unique technology for connecting under pressure. They’re shown here on a new Vermeer trailed mower.

  • 20

    International parts

    Turkey, Italy, France, China and Germany were some of the countries represented in the components displays at AG CONNECT.

  • 21

    Pumping away

    Jimmy Wang, SDH Hydraulic, Shanghai, China, shows off his company’s specialty, hydraulic gear pumps. These will be used in tractors built around the world.

  • 22

    All the way from Italy

    Can you guess the nature of these parts?

  • 23

    “They’re flow meters for measuring aggressive chemicals in spraying equipment,” says Howard Boyden, a U.S. representative for Polmac.

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