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Expanding planter lines

AGCO introduces an entirely new planter line while Case IH expands existing planter configurations.

AGCO capitilized on its ownership of Precision Planting employing its technology on planter line featuring an extremely flexible toolbar. Created from "clean sheet" engineering," the Momentum planter is capable of operating at speeds up to 10 mphproviding 99% seed-spacing accuracy thanks to its vSet seed metering units, vDrive electric metering motors and SpeedTube seed tubes.

“Momentum is designed to consistently place every seed at the optimum depth and spacing regardless of variations in soil moisture, soil type, residue levels, terrain or operating speed," claims Rex Schertz of AGCO. "It is built to help minimize compaction and eliminate pinch rows.” 

One of the Momentum's exclusive designs is a new toolbar design that consists of three independent, intelligent sections. Vertical contouring technology that allows the bar's to flex up and down as much as 68 inches to follow field contours.

A patented sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit's parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height, keeping the arms level and the row units properly engaged with the soil as ground conditions and terrain change.

The planter rides on wide tandem chassis that is suspended on a floating axle. The tandem wheels travel in the same path created by tractors tires and in front of the row units. The latter feature eliminates pinch rows. 

A third differentiating technology on the Fendt planter is its optional weight management system. The Momentum planter can be equipped with a central tire inflation system that automatically adjusts tire pressures from the roadway to the field, deflating the tires as the wings unfold.

Reduces soil compaction

To reduce yield-robbing soil compaction during planting, the system automatically adjust tire pressure up or down compensating for the fluctuating weight of the planter as seed and fertilizer are used or replenished.

Operators can select from two automated modes. The Load Balance mode equalizes the weight across the planter, adjusting based on weight and speed information from sensors on each axle. The Controlled Traffic mode transfers the bulk of the weight to the center section of the planter, practically eliminating the weight on the soil from the wing tires. This mode works well for growers who use the same path for each field operation.

The Momentum line includes 16-, 24-, 32-, 36- and 48-row configurations with row spacings of 15, 20, 22, 30 and 36 inches. All models are available with liquid fertilizer. 

Early riser expansion

The latest addition to the Case IH's planter line is an 18-row (30-inch spacing) 2130 stack folding model. Aimed at farmers needing to match planting rows with sprayer or tillage passes, a 2130 swith a mounted three-point hitch is also ideal for strip-till and flood irrigation operations, as well as specialty crops (cotton, peanuts, edible beans, etc).

Case IH's Precision Disk 500T air drill configurations also grew with the addition a single-rank configuration with 15-inch spacing. This soybean special configuration combines the benefits of an 500T air drill "with a simple, single-rank design, making it an ideal option for soybean and speciality crop producers," adds Trent Nowosad of Case IH.

The drills have four-section control that eliminates seed overlaps. The single-rank, 15-inch seeder is offered in 30- and 40-foot widths equipped with either a 70- or 100-bushel tank. Options include in-cab row unit down-pressure control and  tank-mounted weight scale for calibration and loading. 

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