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Get Like-New Iron at Well-Used Prices

Typically you think of equipment as either new or used. In the last couple of years, however, a third breed of iron has emerged as a major buying category. 

Inventories of near-new or like-new machinery, particularly high-horsepower or high-capacity iron, have grown to historic numbers. So much so, there’s often more like-new machinery on dealers’ lots these days than new and well used.

Four-wheel-drive (4WD) and high-horsepower front-wheel-drive (FWD) tractors, combines, and self-propelled sprayers constitute a large part of this large like-new stock. This has created an economic windfall for farmers. To pare down on burgeoning large like-new inventories, dealers have been aggressively discounting asking prices.

“Compared with four or five years ago, we are offering some of the best values I’ve ever seen in machinery,” says Jeremy Knuth of Heritage Tractor, a Deere dealership in eastern Kansas and western Missouri.

To fan the flames of potential sales, major manufacturers are offering a wide variety of incentives such as super low- or no-interest financing, leases, and certified pre-owned programs that recondition equipment and extend warranty protection. 

“The incentives to buy today are highly attractive and are often unlike anything you have seen before,” says Nate Weinkauf of Case IH. “Beyond being incentives, these programs make acquiring machinery much more adaptable to your particular needs. You can choose from multiple financing plans when buying used equipment today.”

Often, such financing options were only made available on new machinery. In that regard, there is more willingness to lease large and late-model machinery.

Although only a small percentage of large like-new machinery is advertised with these incentives, “they could be available if you ask your dealer,” says Brad Tolbert of John Deere. “This gives you the opportunity to tailor an acquisition to suit your particular needs.”  

To help you shop for the like-new bargains offered this winter, check out this pricing guide that’s based on thousands of dealer listings.

Use this pricing guide to ballpark values. Hit the internet, too. Go to websites such as,, and to deepen your search for a specific machine to suit your operation. “Your local dealer is certainly willing to get you a machine that you found online at another dealership,” Tolbert notes.

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