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Steel Deals: Wild Prices for Combines at Auction

Last December, I stood shivering at Wieman Auction’s huge year-end sale and watched in disbelief while a 2012 Deere S690 bought a final bid of $90,000.

What was so surprising is that recent sales of similar combines showed them going anywhere from $128,900 up to $162,500. And this particular S690 was in outstanding condition with around 1,300 separator hours.

A guy standing next to me was equally stunned and revealed how he had recently bought and then resold a similar S690 for $127,800 (he jockeys equipment on the side). “You can never tell what might happen at auction,” was his observation at the time.

That sure is the truth as was reinforced at the recent Myers retirement auction held by Sullivan Auctioneers near Olney, Illinois.

At that sale was a 2013 Deere S550 that bought $141,000!

True, that harvester was well equipped 4WD, bin extensions, a premium cab, rear camera and 549 separator hours. But that $90,000 S690 had all that and lots more – like nearly twice the harvest capacity of the S550.

I realize that S550s are few in numbers and, as such, highly sought after in certain parts of the country. And I realize that the S690 is a huge combine that is too large for a good many operations.

But there are times that final prices at auctions are out of the norm, as was the case with the sale of these two combines.

For a little background, 2012 Deere S690 are selling for between $156,000 up to $299,500 with an average price of $212,650

Asking prices for Deere S550s range from $122,500 to $315,250 with an average price of $176,200.

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