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Still kicking

If you've ever looked in the obituary and found your own name staring back at you, it can be startling. "Yesterday, in the local paper, I saw my name in the obituaries. No way around it. One day each of us is going to pass on. Shouldn't we, therefore, focu

Rough condition equipment worth more

"I've been talking and writing a lot recently about record high auction sale prices on all types of equipment. Naturally, these record high sale prices tend to be for very, very nice condition pieces of equipment. Well maintained, shedded, low hours, origi

What's a new one cost?

"What's a new one cost? Those five little words are a big driver with the current frenzy in the used farm equipment market," says Machinery Pete. Find out whether it's wiser and more feasible to buy new rather than used in this week's column.

Case IH 7140 tractor values up 32%

"One of the hottest segments of used equipment continues to be tractors 15 to 20 years old," says Machinery Pete. See how high used tractors are selling for at auction in this week's column.

Air seeder sold for $146,000

Machinery Pete knows a thing or two about the used machinery arena. "Things I know.
I know $146,000 is a lot of dough for a four-year-old air seeder. Actually, $146K is a lot of money to pay for any piece of used equipment," says Machinery Pete. Learn what

Machinery Pete's tournament-time auction price quiz

"It's NCAA basketball tournament time: Have you caught the fever? Hope your NCAA tourney picks are doing better than mine. I won't be heading to Vegas anytime soon," says Greg "Machinery Pete" Peterson. "But don't fret if your picks have gone astray! Machi

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