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    Got worn-out iron or have new machinery needs on your farm? If you're done with harvest this fall, it's a good time to take stock of your tools and machinery and see what you need to replace or add on your farm. Check out some of the latest Shop and Machinery Talk discussions on adding new tools and iron and maybe get an idea or 2 for your place.

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    Shop floor insulation

    Looking at putting in some floor insulation? It makes working all winter in your shop a lot easier and more comfortable, but there are things to look out for, namely sweating and keeping moisture down. Farmers here discuss causes and remedies for moisture in in-floor insulation

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    Shop lighting

    One farmer's looking for good shop lighting for his 40x40 shop.  "I don't want anything that is going to hang to low either but gives off enough light to do minor work in the evenings or on an overcast day," he says. See some of the sugegstions in Shop Talk.

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    Grease guns

    Battery-operated grease guns can make keeping a large implement lubricated a much easier job. But, some farmers say they're not worth the time and money. See which ones farmers say work well and which ones don't in this forum.

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    It's a pocket knife, pliers a couple of screwdrivers and more, all in one compact tool. How's having a good multi-tool, like a Leatherman or Gerber, help you out in the field? See other farmers' stories and add your own!

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    Tow ropes

    This farmer needs a new tow rope. But, he needs a big one -- something that can pull a tractor and tile plow. And, he's worried the "big" tow ropes may have trouble with such a load. Other farmers have some good ideas here for tow rope options. What works for you?

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    Small square balers

    Looking for a good small square baler? So is this farmer -- one that's "relatively cheap" and either a Deere or New Holland model. What are his best options? What would you do in his situation?

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    Disc rippers

    What's the best disc ripper to add to this farmer's lineup? Other farmers in the Machinery Talk discussion talk about the pros and cons of several manufacturers -- Deere, DMI, Krause, Sunflower and more. What do you think?

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    Air seeders

    A southeast Iowa farmer's looking for an air seeder, but that's not the most common piece of equipment in his area. "We have been planting more and more rye to chop for cattle feed and I really think our use of cover crops is going to expand as well," he says. So, what air seeder should he choose?

Get a few ideas for your farm from the latest tool- & machinery-buying discussions.

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