7 Maintenance Tips from the Engine Answerman

  • Prolong Engine Life

    Prolong Engine Life
    Everything on a farm works hard, and an engine is no exception. Regardless if it is gas or diesel in a tractor, sprayer, or pickup, one fact remains: The conversion of chemical-to-mechanical energy produces heat. On newer diesels, elevated under-hood temperature, which causes heat soak, is the silent killer of engines and their components. Find out what you can to do prevent heat soak and prolong engine life.

  • Remove Carbon Buildup

    Remove Carbon Buildup
    Every time a gasoline engine runs, carbon deposits form on the piston crown, combustion chamber (CCD), and intake valve (IVD). Engine performance and starting suffer. A buildup of carbon on the IVD impacts airflow into the cylinder, and it can leach into the fuel. Carbon in the CCD also absorbs fuel and heat, making the engine more prone to knock or ping under load. Learn what you can do to remove carbon buildup.

  • Thermostat Tune-Up

    Thermostat Tune-Up
    The purpose of a thermostat is to reduce engine warm-up time, maintain optimal running temperature, and help with heater output, if so equipped. When an engine (gas or diesel) is cold, a number of undesirable events occur, including increased wear of internal parts, more piston ring wear, fuel vaporizes poorly, and this leads to dilution of the engine oil. Tune up your thermostat with tips from this article.

  • Overlooked Engine Maintenance

    Overlooked Engine Maintenance
    When maintaining equipment, often the most simple of additional steps yields the greatest return. In this slideshow are five often-overlooked – but crucial – maintenance procedures from the Engine Answerman's must-do list. By taking a few extra minutes now, you'll increase your machine's longevity, make it more reliable in the field, and save you time in the shop making unnecessary repairs.

  • Tending to MAF Sensors

    Tending to MAF Sensors
    Caring for the mass airflow sensor
    (MAF) on light-duty diesel pickup engines should be part of every
    preventive maintenance program. A traditional diesel engine employs a
    mechanical injection system. Newer pickup engines have electronic
    controls in place of an injection pump and nozzles. Follow these three steps to service a MAF sensor.

  • Spark Plug-Boosting Tips

    Spark Plug-Boosting Tips
    A spark plug appears simple in design and operation, so it is often taken for granted and is the recipient of improper service. Despite the harsh environment surrounding and inside a spark plug, it can deliver a very long life, if installed properly. Here are five simple tips to keep a plug performing in any engine.

  • Overhauling an Engine

    Overhauling an Engine
    With internal combustion engines of every size, make, configuration, and fuel type employed on the farm, there will come a time when some of them will require a major repair or overhaul.

Ray Bohacz provides step-by-step maintenance tips that you can use today in your farm shop.

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