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Cut Repair Costs with Reman Parts

Save 20%-40% of repair costs by using remanufactured (or reman) parts.

Until recently, remanufactured parts and components were limited primarily to engines, transmissions, and a few other high-value commodities. However, that is no longer the case.

Today, you can buy everything from remanufactured engines and driveline components to reman starters, hydraulic motors, and fuel pumps, saving 20% to 40% in the process, compared with buying new parts. Most, if not all, reman parts carry warranties that meet or exceed new parts.

AGCO, CNH, and John Deere offer extensive lines of reman parts. CNH and Deere operate their own facilities dedicated to remanufacturing. Nonmachinery manufacturers like Abilene Machine Co. and Worthington Ag Parts also offer reman parts.

All the companies back their reman items with a full warranty.

“Our goal is to produce reman parts that are as good or better than the original part,” says Kurt Coffey, director of sales and marketing for CNH Industrial Reman. “We don’t rebuild anything. Instead, every product is remanufactured from its core to an original, like-new condition. Then, it’s tested on the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure it meets the OEM performance specifications.”

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