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Don’t Despair a Broken Spark Plug - Here's How to Remove it!

Maurice Pederson recently had the frustrating experience of twisting
off a spark plug in his John Deere Model A. “This is not a case of restoration,
since I have owned this jewel for over 40 years,” the Valley City, North
Dakotan relates. “It was running good, but I knew it was weak on one cylinder,
so I decided to do a valve job on the tractor. After I got it running again, I
thought I might as well check the spark plugs and ignition points. When I put
the wrench on one of the plugs, I was really surprised to find out I could not
move it.”

Pederson continued to work on loosening up the plug until. .
. . yes, you guessed it, “it twisted off just below the next part of the plug

Not wanting to have to remove the tractor’s cylinder head to
remove the spark plug’s base, Pederson improvised a solution you might be able
to use.

First, he ground a hacksaw blade down so it would fit
through the plug’s body. Then he positioned the blade in a bayonet-type handle
using it to cut a slot through the spark plug body so it would collapse.

Prior to cutting, he positioned the handle so it would cut
on the pull stroke. “I cut the slot deep on the innermost threads because I
didn’t want to damage the outer threads,” he says. “I ran the thread chaser in
to clean up the threads” after collapsing and removing the plug.

Before installing a new plug, he started the engine to eject
any foreign matter so it wouldn’t get caught in the exhaust valve.

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