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Maintenance Pays Off When Trading Machinery

Farmers looking to get the most out of their equipment at trade-in time can often be rewarded by paying attention to regular maintenance and equipment upkeep.

"The level of care in equipment can have a huge payback," says Rick Vacha of Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers. "You can tell machines that have been taken care of, and the market is willing to pay more for those machines."

It's difficult to pin down the exact payback for maintenance because the resale market can vary depending on the time of year, how much used equipment is on the market, or area of the country, Vacha adds. "The older the machine, the more fluctuation in price," he explains.
For instance, the value of a 1995 tractor can vary as much as 50%, while the value of a late-model piece of equipment might only vary a few percentage points. And that variation in price comes down to how well that equipment has been taken care of by the owner, something that shows up in both the outside appearance and the internal workings of the machinery, Vacha adds.
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