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Preventive Maintenance Can Help Keep Planting on Schedule

Year to year, you never quite know when the planting window will open. But when it does open, you definitely know that you want to be ready to head to the field. And once you get there, you want to stay there. Devoting time to routine and preventive maintenance now can help the season go as planned.

As a rule, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to head off trouble than it is to make repairs. But even with the most thorough maintenance program, you’ll never eliminate breakdowns. Working through the suggestions below can help shorten downtime and keep the wheels turning this spring.

  • Prepare farm data collection and storage for the new season. The Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Support Center can help ensure you’re all set for the season.
  • Change oil and filters; top off hydraulic and coolant fluids; use only Case IH maintenance products.
  • Grease and lube all equipment as recommended.
  • Ensure all safety equipment is in place, including shields and guards and chemical safety goggles, gloves and other required personal protective equipment. Confirm first-aid kits are stocked and accessible and fire extinguishers are recharged.
  • Prepare the next piece of equipment, whether for tillage, planting, spraying or haying.
  • Clean or replace engine and cab air filters.
  • Check air pressure on all tires.
  • Use our online weighting and ballasting calculator to help improve tractor efficiency.
  • Ride fences and look for loose wires, leaning or broken posts and rickety gates. Preventive fencing can save you from rounding up livestock when you’re trying to finish up a field ahead of an approaching spring storm.
  • Check your on-farm fuel storage and ensure supplies are adequate.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Case IH Partstore and the online MyShed™ tool. The MyShed mobile app — available for Apple and Android devices — can help you quickly locate and order parts and accomplish so much more.
  • Visit our Red and Ready Productivity Hub for productivity tips, maintenance checklists and parts information.
  • Clear dust and debris from nooks and crannies, especially around electrical connections.
  • Use touch-up paint to protect bare metal from rust and corrosion.
  • Wash cab windows and mirrors.

Without fail, unpredictable spring weather will play a big role in when the planting season starts and finishes. Focusing on what you can control will help you stay prepared. Talk with your Case IH dealer about making sure you have the equipment you need and the equipment you have is ready to roll. It’s one of the best ways to have a great start to the growing season.


Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment, committed to collaborating with its customers to develop the most powerful, productive, reliable equipment — designed to meet today’s agricultural challenges. To learn more, visit or contact your local Case IH Dealer.

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