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Preventive Maintenance

The over-the-road trucking industry is fixated with repair costs. That business’s tight margins demand trucks and trailers run 24-7. So when experts in that industry project potential savings from practicing planned preventive maintenance (PPM) could be 25% or greater, you can bank on their numbers.

Robert Edilson of Collective Data (a firm that specializes in software for truck management) figures an average $750 a day can be saved for parts and labor alone.

A PPM program requires religiously following scheduled maintenance. Also key is thorough record keeping as well as the use of such technologies as engine oil analysis.

“PPM is crucial to keeping larger, more advanced machinery rolling,” says engine expert Ray Bohacz. “The capability of today’s engines, drivetrains, and hydraulics comes from added complexity and tighter tolerances. Attention to fluids, coolant, and filters is stressed much more than in the past.

“From a cost standpoint, PPM offers the best return on investment on the farm,” Bohacz says. “It is the most effective means to lower machinery cost.” 

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