New at Case IH

  • Product Overview

    Product Overview
    Click through the slideshow for a quick glimpse at the new products. Check back for more detailed reports on each piece of machinery.

  • Tier 4 Final

    Tier 4 Final
    Case IH achieves Tier 4 final standard without compromising fuel efficiency or power in 18 new models. The SCR-only solution treats the exhaust flow downstream and after the combustion process from the engine, so the engine can generate maximum power without adding any complexity or compromising efficiency.

  • Higher Horsepower Rowtrac

    Higher Horsepower Rowtrac
    Just as the first Steiger Rowtrac row crop tractors are about to hit the fields this fall, Case IH is introducing a higher horsepower model, the new Rowtrac 500. The new model adds 50 more horsepower to the Rowtrac line and introduces an even wider track undercarriage.

  • 2014 Steiger Lineup

    2014 Steiger Lineup
    The 2014 lineup includes seven new models with significantly increased horsepower and upgraded cab features to help you make the most of long workdays. The star of the lineup is the Steiger 620, which boasts 682 maximum engine hp. and an additional 35 hp. power boost for transport, hydraulics, and PTO.

  • More Powerful Magnums

    More Powerful Magnums
    Case IH has announced its most powerful Magnum tractors yet, offering you high horsepower, fuel efficiency, and a new high-horsepower CVT option – while meeting Tier 4 Final standards. The new lineup includes nine models, all available with CVT and five available for the first time with CVT.

  • Early Riser Planters

    Early Riser Planters
    The new Early Riser 5 Series planters are designed to improve seed handling capabilities while delivering more agronomic benefit. The all-new AccuStat advanced seed sensing system allows you to monitor and map detailed seed spacing info live on the AFS Pro 700 display.

  • 4400 and 4200 Corn Heads

    4400 and 4200 Corn Heads
    The new corn heads were designed to pick cleaner, harvest at faster speeds, save more grain, and be easier to service. The heads include several features that allow you to pick corn at higher ground speeds, like heavy-duty drives engineered for high-speed harvest and high-yielding corn hybrids.

  • 3152 and 3162 Draper Heads

    3152 and 3162 Draper Heads
    These new headers feature a center-mounted knife drive, called CentraCut, which improves header balance as the head is driven from the center. This increases performance and minimizes vibration across the cutterbar. The 3162 flex draper allows you to harvest more of what you grow by closely following ground contours.

  • Patriot 3240 and 3340

    Patriot 3240 and 3340
    The new Patriot 3240 and 3340 sprayers boast 6.7-liter Case IH FPT Tier 4 Final engines with 250 hp. and 285 hp., respectively. The new AIM Command PRO spray system allows you to individually control each nozzle to minimize skips, oversprays, and overlaps. The system also automatically compensates for turns, ensuring the accurate target rate across the boom.

Today we got a first look at Case IH’s 2014 product lineup.

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