New Products from AGCO

  • Sunflower 6631

    AGCO introduced seven new models to the 6631 Series vertical tillage system. The 6631 uses the Sunflower's exclusive Saber Blade disc blades that slice through Bt corn with ease.

  • Challenger 900

    Challenger MT900E

    The AP168-4 engine powering all MT900E Series models is designed to handle the most rigorous field applications, with 490 to 590 rated engine horsepower and 529 to 637 maximum engine horsepower.

  • Fendt 800 and 900 Series

    Fendt 800 and 900 Series

    The engines feature twin turbocharges for optimum low-and high-speed-intake air boost, improving engine performance characteristics and reducing fuel consumption. A new three-pump fuel injection system maintains 29,000 psi pressure resulting in a fuel-efficient machine.

  • RoGator RG700

    RoGator RG700

    The newest member of the RoGator family, the self-propelled RG700 is a nimble, 700-gallon machine engineered for smaller field sizes. The Rg700's industry-leading AWD Smart Drive System, even weight distribution and Parallel C channel flex frame provide excellent traction on the ground.

  • Sprayer

    The RG700 sprayer can traverse damp fields and hilly terrain without spinning wheels, minimizing crop damage and providing consistently accurate spraying.

  • teragator


    Performance and efficiency are the foundation for this machine. The Tier 4 final self-propelled machines feature the AGCO Power engine along with multi bin variable rate systems, such as Air Max Precision, Air Speed Twin Bin, and New Leader spinners.

  • Massey Ferguson 8700 Series

    Massey Ferguson 8700 Series

    The 8700 Series features the AP84-4 engines with twin turbochargers that feature Engine Power Management technology to manage performance. The new CYClAIR cooling package also improves cooling capability for a efficient machine.

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