New Products: Summer Farm Show Round-up

A number of agriculture equipment companies introduced new products to farmers who attended trade shows across the Corn Belt this summer. Here's a round up of the latest tools and machinery.


Martil-Till introduced a new weight transfer system for select John Deere planters at the 2019 Farm Progress Show. This in-cab solution includes a control box for the cab, a harness, bolt-on brackets, hydraulic cylinders, and a hydraulic control block. Installation can be done by farmers themselves or their local Martin dealer.

Martin Industries CEO Steve Martin explains, “Excess weight in the center of the planter or improper weight distribution across all the row units and sections of the planter bar can lead to compaction, shallow or inconsistent planting, and uneven fertilizer application.”

Martin Weight Transfer System for John Deere Planters
Photo Credit: Martin

“As planters have increased in size and weight, improper weight distribution has become a constant worry for farmers.  The new Martin-Till WTS kit makes it easy to re-distribute excess weight from the center of the planter to the wings without stopping to get out of the cab in order to make adjustments,” adds Michael Musselman for Martin Industries.

The new weight transfer system is compatible with John Deere model 1770/1790 12- or 16-row planters. The system retails for $5,500, although hydraulic hoses may add to the cost. Orders are accepted now for nationwide delivery this winter.

Great Plains

Seed disks designed for accurate seed singulation of hemp seeds were recently developed and introduced by Great Plains. These new seed disks are compatible with the company’s PL Series and Yield-Pro Planters.

New 5-cell seed disks were created for low seeding rates of industrial hemp ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 seeds per acre. The company claims 98% singulation accuracy at speeds up to 6 mph.

5-Cell Industrial Hemp seed disk from Great Plains
Photo Credit: Great Plains

Disks for higher industrial hemp populations are also available. A 30-cell seed disk can plant 6,000 to 24,000 seeds per acre at 5 mph. Singulation accuracy of 90% can be achieved with this set up, Great Plains says.


CEAT entered the North American agricultural tire market in 2017 and featured its largest FARMAX R70 Ag radial tire in the 710/70R42 size at recent farm shows. The company offers a range of radial and bias tire sizes through independent dealers across the U.S.

Photo Credit: CEAT


AGCO displayed more Fendt tractors at summer trade shows than ever, the company said. Along with other models, the new Fendt 900 was on display. This new series of five tractors ranges in horsepower from 296 to 415. These machines were designed with crop producers and large livestock operations in mind.

Fendt 900 tractor from AGCO at Farm Progress Show
Photo Credit: Natalina Sents


The new Lexion combine from CLAAS also made its first public appearance in the Midwest this summer. The largest machine in the new series has a grain tank capable of holding 510 bushels and boasts a 610 hp. Mercedes Benz engine. New Class 7 through 10 Lexion combines are designed to unload at 5.1 bushels per second.

Photo Credit: Natalina Sents


The largest grain cart on the market, the 2596 Brent Avalanche, was displayed at the Unvereferth lot. The company unveiled this massive cart with 2,500 bushel capacity this summer. The newest addition to the Avalanche line can achieve unloading speeds of up to 1,000 bushels per minute and is equipped with 50-in. wide, 148-in. long Equalizer tracks for maximum flotation.

A range of recently aquired Blu-Jet equipment was also on hand as part of the Unverferth offerings at recent farm shows.

Photo Credit: Elijah Sents

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