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NFMS 2017 New Product Roundup

This year’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, was just as spirited as past years, but there were no flashy new product reveals. There were new products, yes, but companies weren’t playing music as product reps pulled off huge tarps to reveal fully redesigned tractors or implements as they often do at big farm shows. 

Here are the highlights:

Case IH attracted no-till growers with a high-speed low-disturbance (HSLD) coulter for the well-known Nutri-Placer 930. The HSLD coulter can effectively apply anhydrous at 11 mph, which means growers can cover 40 to 50 more acres a day than in the past. So far, the coulter will be available in 30-inch spacing only with 11 to 19 rows depending on the farmer’s preference. Case also unveiled AccuTurn, an automated headland-turning technology that takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands.

AGCO was thrilled to debut the high-speed white planters 9800VE series planters with SpeedTube seed tubes. The planter series has always been equipped with Precision Planting technology, but AGCO believes the SpeedTube seed tubes will be a game changer.

John Deere had farmers climbing up onto a viewing platform to check out the company’s new 132-foot-wide carbon-fiber boom. It’s lighter and longer than any other Deere boom option and looks sleek in black. Deere also debuted its new CommandView III sprayer cab that is more ergonomic and customizable than cabs of the past. Also, Deere released the Connect Mobile app to let farmers monitor, adjust, and learn about their planter or sprayer’s performance as it travels through the field.

GSI got excited about demonstrating just how quiet the company’s new portable quiet dryer really is. The new offering makes 50% less noise than standard portable dryers with vane-axial fans without cutting back on size or efficiency. 

New Holland had a completely redesigned and much faster Rustler 850 UTV sitting pretty in the company’s booth. The new Rustler is built for hard work and safety but also has some features that make it recreation-ready. Hear more about what makes it so different from the Textron rep that helped reengineer the entire UTV.

McFarlane was celebrating 100 years of providing farmers with high-quality equipment and was showing off a redesigned HDL-1100 Series heavy-duty harrow cart. To put it simply, McFarlane streamlined the design to give growers fewer possible hiccups — a tapered front frame helps with clearance, hinges were adjusted to eliminate an inconvenient pull cable, springs were added for easy opening, and wing rests were fixed to make transport a breeze.

Vermeer was excited to talk about the two new Pro balers the company is now offering. The 504 Pro and 604 Pro were built specifically for silage, so they’re strong and offer plenty of options for customizable chopping. You choose whether you want to use 0, 8, 9, or all 17 choppers when baling.

Horsch was happy to talk about a product concept called Pronto DC that is a combination of the company’s Joker and a drill. The Pronto DC will allow growers to eliminate a chemical pass. Depending on field conditions, the new machine should be able to go 8 to 10 mph when it’s launched officially.

McHale had hay producers intrigued with a new bale wrapper called the Orbital. The wrapper is the fastest in the industry and can wrap up to 120 individual bales each hour. 

Dawn Equipment Company rolled in with a whole new automated planting system made up of three components – active down pressure (ADP), active depth control (ADC), and an active closing system (ACS) – that together are called the Reflex control system. 

Camso had plenty to talk about as the company featured a new track that’s as affordable as tracks offered by competitors but is stronger and more durable. Camso also showcased a new conversion track system (CTS), the CTS High Speed, for combines that is ready for road travel as well as productivity in the fields. 

McCormick reentered the high HP tractor sector with the debut of the X8 tractor series. After some intensive field testing in Europe, the company launched this tractor line that it says is comparable in price and performance to the Case IH Optum.

Kuhn showed off a new trailed 14-ton fertilizer spreader called the Axent 100.1, which can variable-rate apply and needs to be pulled by at least a 200-hp. tractor. The Axent 100.1 can spread dry fertilizer as wide as 90 feet at up to 17 mph.

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