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One sweet Deere 3020 tractor

Our web site contains auction sale price data going back 15+ years, to the calendar year 1996. How many John Deere 3020 tractors have I seen sold since 1996? 567 of them, that's how many. I typed in No. 567 Monday evening, a sale price from a very nice farm retirement auction that day (June 20th) in east-central Saskatchewan, Canada.

The 567th JD 3020 to be entered into our "auction results" database was a real beauty, a 1967 diesel sold for $16,750. Check her out for yourself.


This was the 28th JD 3020 we've seen sold at auction so far here in 2011. A quick check of the "Calculator" pricing tool in our web site shows the "Ave. Auction Price" so far this year on 3020's = $6,224. Wondering what 3020s were worth back 15 years ago, in 1996?

Average auction price 1996: $6,220.

That's pretty amazing, Deere 3020's, made from 1964-72, are worth exactly the same money now vs. 15 years ago. Want to have a little fun? Click on the link below and you can skim through all 567 Deere 3020's I've seen sold at auction the past 15+ years:

All the equipment sold very well on Monday's farm retirement auction in east-central Saskatchewan. Kind of par for the course for what I've been seeing out of Canadian auctions so far this year...very, very strong sale prices. One type of tractor that has REALLY been "hot" up north of the border have been 4WD tractors. Here's a video clip from Monday's sale, a 1998 JD 9400 4WD tractor with 4,493 hours selling: (1-yr. subscription $69.95; 1-week $10):

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