7 School Buses on the Farm

  • By Heather Lifsey Barnes 

    Farmers are so industrious at taking one piece of equipment and adapting it for another purpose. Here, a bus that once carried children to and from school drives watermelons from the field to the packing house.

  • Here are outside and inside views of a bus carrying strawberries from the field to the storage building.

  • This bus was transformed into a flatbed with a mini-bus up front. It's perfect for carrying water to the field for irrigation.

  • Here's another revamped bus on its way back to the field after hauling a load of tobacco to the barn.

  • Buses are apparently popular among tobacco farmers! Here's another restyled bus carrying a load of tobacco from the field to be barned.

  • Crates are strapped to the flatbed section of this former school bus, and workers fill them with sweet potatoes. The bus will then take the crop straight to the curing facility.

  • While the bus in back is equipped with a water tank for irrigation, the front one has been left passenger-ready. Many North Carolina farmers employ H2A workers, and are required to take them to the grocery store once per week, in this case via school bus.

  • Heather Lifsey Barnes is a former city girl, but is now a Carhartt-wearing, tractor-driving mama! She's married to a farmer and works for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Read her blog for Women in Ag.

See how some inventive North Carolina farmers are using old school buses on the farm!

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