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Bad Boy Releases First ATV, Onslaught 550 4x4

Bad Boy is entering the ATV market for the first time with a mid-size, single rider four-wheeler called the Onslaught 550 4x4.  

The Onslaught 550 has 12 inches of ground clearance with a front suspension travel of 8.7 and a rear suspension travel of 9.4. A liquid-cooled 503 cc (39 hp) engine powers the Onslaught while an automatic CVT shaft makes up the ATV’s transmission.

“Onslaught offers comfort, control, power, and styling for riders who simply want to do more in the outdoors,” says John Collins, vice president for Textron Specialized Vehicles, the company that markets Bad Boy off-road vehicles. “Whether it’s recreation or work, you can just bring it on and get after it with Onslaught.”

With independent double A-arm front and rear suspension, contributes to the ATV’s maneuverability as well as locking differential and hydraulic disc brakes. Electronic power steering is also available.

This ATV is being offered in two models—the Onslaught 550 4x4 EFI and the Onslaught 550 4x4 EFI EPS. Both options are available in black and olive green, with the option of camouflage. 

Bad Boy’s first-ever ATV offering has a hitch towing rating of 1,225 pounds and has a suggested retail price of $6,299. Each model comes with a one-year warranty and pretty standard from and rear cargo racks. 

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