Deere rolls out new Gator UTV

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    The company who created the original all terrain utility vehicle (UTV) in 1987 has planted its flag in the popular recreational utility vehicle class. John Deere introduced its Gator RSX850i which among its many features offers a blazing top speed of 53 miles an hour.

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    Deere premiered the new Gator in the 105-degree heat of the red rock cliff terrain near Moab, Utah. I spent 2 days with automotive journalists from across the country trailing the RSX850i in harsh backcountry trails.

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    The heart of the RSX850i is 839-CC, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle motorcycle engine that turns out a whopping 62 horsepower. “This machine is definitely equipped to provide a surge of power that not only gets it down the road is a hurry but which also has the torque to propel it across rough terrain,” says David Gigandet of Deere & Company.

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    That much became obvious on flat trailing riding when the new Gator would leap into the road when floor-boarded. I later discovered that the RSX850i delivers a 0-to-30 MPH acceleration in just 3 seconds.

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    To engineer a vehicle that can maintain stability while running at high speeds, Deere engineers designed a unique 4-wheel independent suspension that employs dual “wide arch” A-arms in the front and an exclusive Multi-Link semi trailing arm independent suspension in the rear.

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    Other features on the include electronic controls and a fuel-injection system; heavy-duty polyethylene doors, 400 pounds of payload capacity, 1,200 pounds of towing capacity, 10.3 inches of ground clearance, a 7.4-gallon fuel tank, and 1.82 cubic feet of storage space in the glove box and a storage box under the hood.

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    This Gator is being offered in three models including the RSX850i Sport, Trail and Base RSX. The Sport model was designed for harsh desert and rocky, sandy terrains. The Trail Model was developed for hunting, fishing and back country trails. The Base RSX can be modified to need and taste with factory-installed options. And all three can be well appointed with over 70 available aftermarket attachments.

Check out some of the features of the new Gator UTV from John Deere.

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